Björn Rosengren

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File:Björn Rosengren.JPG
Björn Rosengren at the 2013 Guldbaggegalan

Björn Folke Rosengren, born 14 April 1942 in Täby, county of Stockholm; Swedish, active in the labour union and a Social Democratic politician; chairman of the Swedish community salaried employees' association (SKTF) 1976-1982 and the white-collar's central organisation TCO 1982–1994 (a position he was forced to leave after a visit to a strip club, called Tabu), county governor in the Norrbotten County 1995-1998, minister of business 1998-2002, member of the parliament 2002.

Currently resides at Arnöbergs country manor on Arnö in lake Mälaren. Rosengren has been controversial with his role as advisor to the Swedish Stenbeck-family and very close ties with the prime minister Göran Persson. In a famous controversial statement, in connection with the proposed Telenor-Telia fusion in 1999, he called Norway the last Soviet-state.

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