Black on White violence

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Black on White violence is a political term used by Alt-right and right wing commenters in the 2010s to describe what they say is an increasing tendency of African-Americans or non-American black people to act aggressively or commit crimes against white people, at a significantly higher rate than whites attack blacks.

This includes property crimes, individual assault and battery, and most notably unprovoked group attacks against randomly selected whites (also known as Knockout game or "Polar Bear" attacks). While violent, these attacks rarely lead to fatal injuries.[1]

Alleged media bias

The commenters claim these attacks are under-reported in the mainstream media because they don't fit their preferred media narrative.[2] Allegedly, the media are downplaying increasing racial tensions in the USA and Europe to avert a possible "race war".[3]

Crime statistics indicate ethnic groups in the USA commit different crimes at different rates, though the majority of each group is law-abiding.[4]

Claimed reasons

A motive for the attacks is said to be to demoralize white people and reduce their power.[5]

Left wing commenters disagree with these claims, saying that whites exaggerate such attacks because of their racist dispositions[6], and that emphasizing them is itself a form of racism.[7][8] Such attacks could also be seen as retaliation for past slavery and segregation; and ongoing discrimination like police shootings of black suspects, which led to the organization Black Lives Matter. US attorney general Loretta Lynch said that "feeling a sense of helplessness, of uncertainty and of fear" at such shootings was understandable and justified, "But the answer must not be violence. The answer is never violence."[9]

Notable examples

  • The murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom had a major influence on alt-right and far-right political thought, when it was noted that the worst details of the torture the victims endured before their deaths were left undescribed in mainstream media reports, as was the fact that the perpetrators were black, and the victims white. Subsequently, popular websites like were accused of deliberately downplaying or denying the racial aspects of the killings, in an alleged case of media bias in support of white genocide. Generally, right-wing activists claimed the problem was more the absence of a white political reaction to black violence, rather than the black on white violence itself.
  • On January 10, 2018, 16-year-old white teenager Valaree Megan Schwab was killed in a steak knife attack by 16-year-old black teenager Z'Inah Brown outside a Dunkin Donuts shop in New Rochelle, New York. Z'Inah Brown was assisted in the attack by a group of male and female black teenagers, though none of them were thought to have inflicted serious injuries. Schwab had been bullied by Brown and other black teenagers in her high school, which was reportedly attended by many urban teens from outside the area. Like earlier cases, these events were mostly discussed on alternative media sites that already focused on black on white violence.[10][11]


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