Blanquilla Island

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La Blanquilla
File:Blanquilla Map.jpg
Blanquilla Island
Location Caribbean Sea
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Federal dependencies of Venezuela

Blanquilla is an island, one of the federal dependencies of Venezuela,[1] located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea about 182 miles northeast of Caracas. It is a popular location for divers, as well as famous for its white sand beaches, for which it is named. The island's wildlife include local cacti and iguanas, as well as wild donkeys and goats. Its reefs are notable for their black coral, which is used for jewelry and other crafts. The island is formed by the Aves Ridge, a seafloor feature which protrudes above water to the north, forming several other islands.[2][3][4][5][6] Has an area of 64.53 km²[7]

La Blanquilla

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