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The Right Reverend and Doctor
Brother Michael Anthony, H.S.B.
144px x 188px
Ordination 2005
by David M. Ford
Consecration 2000
by Juan Fremiot Torres Oliver
Personal details
Denomination Roman Catholic
Michael Ramos
Born (1960-12-24)December 24, 1960
Offutt Air Force Base, United States
Resting place St. Joseph's Catholic Church Cemetery
Palm Bay, Florida
Residence Immaculate Heart of Mary‘s Hermitage,
Florida, United States
Nationality American
Alma mater
Occupation Monk, Hermit, Biblical Scholar, Abbot, Theologian, Minister, Engineer, Financier, Author
Known for Founding:

Br. Michael Anthony , H.S.B.[1][2] (born December 24,1960) is an American, Catholic, theologian. and hermit. A Hermit of Saint Bruno, monk of the Immaculate Heart of Mary‘s Hermitage[3][4][5], Florida. He was a writer, engineer, institutional day trader, Biblical Scholar, theologian and student of history. In 1971, he was ordained as Doorkeeper, Reader, Exorcist and an Acolyte. In 2000 he took vows of solemn profession as a hermit, in 2005 was ordained a minister and was later named Prelate of Honour of His Holiness by Pope Benedict XVI. Br. Michael Anthony's first role in the Church was as an altar boy at the post chapel at Fort Lesley J. McNair, Washington, D.C.

As religious, solemnly professed, hermit and ordained minister consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary called to a life of silence, solitude, prayer, and penance for the good of the Church and the salvation of the world. Lived a cloistered life trying to follow the Carthusian Spiritual life as introduced by Saint Bruno: by the strength of the spirit, to live as continually as possible in the light of the love of God for us, made manifest in Christ. Founder of the Hermits of Saint Bruno. A consecrated member of the Militia of the Immaculata and a Knight at The Foot of the Cross.


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              Matins and Lauds of the Blessed Virgin Mary
              Matins followed by Lauds. 
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              Holy Mass
              Lectio Divina

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              Holy Rosary

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              Study & Light Meal

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              Chaplets of Divine Mercy    

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              Holy Rosary

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              Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus (Sunday)
              Litany of Loreto (Monday)
              Litany of the Holy Ghost (Tuesday)
              Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus(Wednesday)
              Litany of the Precious Blood (Thursday)
              Litany of the Sacred Heart (Friday)
              Litany of the Blessed Virgin (Saturday)

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               Lectio Divina

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               Chores/Free Time/Meal

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Early life

Br. Michael Anthony[6] was born Michael Ramos[7] to Francisco J. Ramos and Elsa Ramos; both Ponceños[8]. Francisco Ramos retired after thirty-two years of service in the U.S. Army as a Colonel and continued with a thirty year career in Florida real estate. Elsa Ramos graduated from a college of business and was a full time mother of three. The Rt. Rev. Dr. Ramos was baptized in the Ponce Cathedral as Miguel Antiono Ramos Prieto[note 1]. He attended Holy Trinity School [9] in (Georgetown) Washington, D.C., Sculoa Ski Confortola Capitani - Passo Stelvio[10] in Italy, Satellite High School[11] in Florida and first two college degrees[12] earned in engineering (B.S. & M.S.) at Florida Institute of Technology[13]. While attending Holy Trinity School he began performing the duties as an altar server.


Early Career

From 1971 to 1974 Michael Ramos served first as an altar boy then an instituted acolyte for what is today called the Roman Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA; when he served it was called the military ordinariate. Two years in the in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA - Washington, D.C. and two years in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA - SETAF. The acolyte is instituted to serve at the altar and to assist the priest and deacon. In particular, it is his responsibility to prepare the altar and the sacred vessels and, if it is necessary, as an extraordinary minister, to distribute the Eucharist to the faithful. During this period Michael Ramos was ordained as an exorcist and an acolyte in the Roman Catholic Church.

Between 1972 and 1979 (with the exception of the summers of 1975-1979) Ramos provided basic lawn mowing service for private residences in Italy and U.S.. This job was continued during this period even while working other jobs with just reduced load. Starting late in 1974 upon arrival in the U.S. work also included swimming pool maintenance as well as tree trimming, fence installation and solving of water drainage problems.

In the summer of 1974 he worked as a carpet installer for a small company in Satellite Beach, Florida.

During the summers of 1975-1979 Ramos worked full time in retail sales in the electronic and sound department of a catalog showroom. Responsible for sales, customer service, managing stock and the cash registers of the department in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

From 1976 through 1978 was a member of the Air Force Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps while attending Satellite High School[14]. Joined the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps Advanced Course (MSIII) in 1978 while attending Florida Institute of Technology[15]. Ramos started at MSIII having passed the U.S. Army version of the College Level Examination Program showing he has the requisite knowledge of Military Science to start in the Advanced Program.

Ramos also spent two years working part time as an Assistant Bee Keeper where he maintained a couple hundred hives and collected honey. And one summer as full time a farm hand.

Automotive Career

1977 to 1982 was a National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Super Street Driver and a shade-tree auto mechanic. Ramos raced in the NHRA Sportsman Drag Racing Series Southeast Division. Raced Friday and Saturday evenings at NHRA Divisional races and spent spare time maintaining and fine tuning the automobiles.

1980 through 1982 Ford Motor Company he worked as Assistant Manager of parts department. Parts Warehouse and delivery for the state of Florida. Logistic management included stocking and distributing parts for automobiles to semi-trucks and their engines.

Engineering Career

1982 through 1983 Ramos worked as a Senior Computer Consultant for Caribbean Computer Consultants, Inc. in Florida. Specialized in working with medical and legal practices. Assist and support staff and users in the use of computer hardware, software and networks. Troubleshoot and resolve end user questions and problems. Perform testing of functionalities. Evaluate, understand and implement new developments and technologies. Left users with operational systems that met their requirements. During this time Ramos earned a B.S. Computer Engineering and passed the first part of the Electrical Engineering Professional Engineering Exam earning the Engineering Intern in Electrical Engineering license.

1984 through January 1992 he worked as an engineer for EG&G Florida Inc. the base operations contractor for the Kennedy Space Center, Florida. During this period he earned a M.S. Engineering Management with a minor in Mathematics and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with a focus on corporate finance and accounting.

  • Electronic Security Engineer where he solved Electronic Security Engineering System problems. The system was inoperable for four years; it was 100% operational after spending three months redesigning and programming the system. Awarded NASA Aerospace Award[16] for this accomplishment.
  • Senior Electronic Security Engineer. Ramos designed electronic security system for protection of U.S. National Resource, NASA Shuttle Fleet. Protection included perimeter security, secured automated access, and secondary internal security for the Vehicle Assembly Building, Orbiter Processing Facility and the Launch Control Center. Supervised installation and testing of design bringing all the systems operational.
  • System Engineer where Ramos increased technical/graphics drafting productivity by 100% per year by installing a computer drafting, plotting and scanning system center wide. Responsibilities included writing the Request for Proposal, selection process, installation, personnel training and initial management of operational system.
  • Engineer Group Leader he managed and supervised the fire detection and suppression system engineering staff. Specific duties included budget preparation, quality control, regulatory compliance, work orders, problem reports, and design packages for technical disposition and code compliance. Improved group leadership, employee attitudes, procedures compliance and restoration of work discipline. In one rating period the branches evaluation from customer rose from "marginal"​ to just below "excellent."

1984 - 1989 while working for EG&G Florida Inc. Dr. Ramos was appointed additional duties as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) New Technology Officer. At the Kennedy Space Center he had to disseminate information about the agencies work as widely as was practical and appropriate. Generally, a new technology is any invention, discovery, improvement, or innovation which includes, but is not limited to, new processes, machines, manufactures, and compositions of matter, and improvements to, or new applications of, existing processes, machines, manufactures, and compositions of matter. New technologies also include new computer programs, and improvements to, or new applications of, existing computer programs. During this period Ramos was a Mission Specialist candidate. During this period Ramos passed all required test administered by the American Institute of Plant Engineers and earned the designation Certified Plant Engineer (CPE).

February 1992 - November 1992 Dr. Ramos, CPE worked as a Principal Fire Protection Engineer for the King Khaled International Airport, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Ramos provided project leadership and discipline support for Fire Engineering projects by researching, specifying, developing, designing, engineering and testing of fire protective (detection, signaling, notification, mitigation, suppression, and passive protective) systems. Applied advanced knowledge of engineering principles, methods and techniques to project assignments in order to maintain continuous airport operations. While ensuring that all assigned activities and operations comply with applicable codes, regulations and laws. During this period he assisted the U.S. Army and was presented by the troops with the "Operation Desert Storm Participant Persian Gulf " award.

Finance Career

Ramos worked in fiance from December 1992 through January 2000 in Florida, New York and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

December 1992-1993 Ramos performed as an Internal Auditor. Performed regular audit on Northern Brevard County, Florida Holiday Inn Hotel receipts. Internationally performed as a financial analyst and calculated percentage analysis of the Airport Sahara Hotel in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, profit and loss as well as various ratio analyses. Percentage analysis verified gross profit trends and the ratio results enabled the measurement of operating efficiencies. Accepted audit of the Airport Sahara Hotel so that he could complete his Ph.D. in Islamic Studies.

In 1994 while obtaining all licenses necessary for a profession in the U.S. equity markets he worked as a Private Investigator for Premier Investigations, Inc. Assisted understaffed company catch up on backlog of cases on workman compensation cases all over the state of Florida. Had a Florida Private Investigator 'C' License.

From the end of 1994 through January 2000 worked in the U.S. equity markets. The licenses Ramos held included General Securities Representative (Series 7), Investment Company and Variable Contracts (Series 6), Uniform Securities Agent State Law (Series 63) and Equity Trader (Series 55). While working at the Kennedy Space Center Michael Ramos had earned a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with a focus on corporate finance and accounting which gave him a solid background for this new endeavor.

  • Investment Banker. Prepared preliminary prospectus and new investment offerings. Prepared new investment offering to allow for capitalization of a stock brokerage firm expansion into market making. Reduced taxes for partnership client base by 12%. Started into this career path as an account executive and mutual fund manager.
  • Arbitrageur. He performed Market Arbitrage. Bought and sold securities on the NASDAQ, NYSE and Instinet markets. Also performed as a Market Maker where he was ready to buy and sell stock on a regular and continuous basis at a publicly quoted price.
  • Equity Trader, also known as an institutional day trader. Began a trading day with checking the financial news for developments in the economy, politics, company news, analyst reports and market information, including after-the-close trading results and technical indicators. While trading time is spent monitoring the financial news, price charts and quantitative analysis services that track market movements and apply mathematical analysis.


Br. Michael Anthony had produced a blog called the Hermitage Report[17] from 2005 through June 2017. These were daily post covering Theology, Catholic Doctrine and Vatican News. The servers went down without any notice to the hermitage on June 2017 and there were no backups. Concurrently the Immaculate Heart of Mary's Hermitage [18] video blog ran from 2005 through 2011. Though not maintained it is still up and running. A sporadic and infrequently used blog Immaculate Heart of Mary's Hermitage[19] was started from Msgr. Michael Anthony's sick bed in 2018. When health and Horarium allows he tried to post.

Br. Michael Anthony, DD maintained a YouTube channel from June 2016 until it was deleted on 25 January 2021.[20] An archive/backup YouTube channel was started in 2019 and is still up even with consistent quarterly strikes on videos. Videos which the Brother has licenses for. It is JMJ PAX.[21] This backup channel only has 10% of the material that was contained on the main channel. The final YouTube channel last upload was the end of 2020. An additional small backup video channel on BitChute, started in 2019, where he shared teachings of the Catholic Church, history and monastic life named JMJ[22]

The JMJ[23] BitChute channel and Immaculate Heart of Mary's Hermitage[24] were the last channel the Monsignor uploaded/posted too.

For all Deplatforming see section below.

Religious Vocation

Answering the call to religious life brought Br. Michal Anthony on February 2000 to live the life of a contemplative hermit following the Carthusian Spiritual life and following the Horarium listed above that he prayerfully lives to this day. A life of silence, solitude, prayer, and penance for the good of the Church and the salvation of the world. Having all ready been ordained as an Doorkeeper, Reader, Exorcist and an Acolyte in the early 1970's by His Eminence Luigi Raimondi. The stages of aspirancy, postulancy, novitiate clothed in simple habit, junior professed monk with simple vows and clothed in full habit and, by the Grace of God, perpetual profession. And underwent ordination as a Minister (Christianity) in 2005. During this time he also earned a Bachelor of Sacred Theology (S.T.B) (a graduate degree in theology) from Stella Maris Seminary Institute, a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies and an Honorary Doctor of Divinity.

Support for this calling was gracefully provided by the the Carthusian Prior's of the St. Hugh's Charterhouse, Parkminster (UK) and Charterhouse of the Transfiguration (USA)[25]. The support from the Holy See with granting approval for the on site Holy Relic Chapel for the hermitage and to all the religious orders and the Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals for the trust for providing first and second class relics to the custody of the hermitage oratory (chapel). Local support is provided by the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, Ascension Catholic Parish and Catholic Charities of Central Florida.

1971 to 1974 served as an Acolyte for Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA. The first two years in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA - Washington, D.C. and two years in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA - SETAF. The acolyte is instituted to serve at the altar and to assist the priest and deacon. In particular, it is his responsibility to prepare the altar and the sacred vessels and, if it is necessary, as an extraordinary minister, to distribute the Eucharist to the faithful. In the ministry of the altar, the acolyte has his own functions, which he must perform personally. At this time Br. Michael Anthony was Ordained as an Exorcist as well. As exorcists he routinely performed ceremonies over adults and infants preparing to be baptized.

1974 to 1999 severed as an Instituted Acolyte, Subdeacon, for the Roman Catholic Church at any Military Chapel that required the assistance. Including service to the U.S. Army in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the winding down of Operation Desert Storm. During this period he was still an instituted acolyte per his ordination in 1971.

2000 to April 2007 A hermit of the Community of Hermits of Saint Bruno (C.H.S.B.)[26] an international Roman Catholic community of Sisters and Brothers who live their lives in the spirit of their Father, St. Bruno--the founder of the Carthusian Order. Rooted in the Carthusian, desert tradition, each Sister or Brother lives their solitary life in praise of God and His goodness and by their hidden lives of prayer, penance and solitude make intercession at God's throne for all their brothers and sisters throughout the world. This order was disbanded in 2007 along with the short lived Fraternity of Hermits of Saint Bruno. His entry into religious life had the Apostolic Blessing His Holiness John Paul II. And was later named Prelate of Honour of His Holiness by Pope Benedict XVI.

May 2007 to Present Hermits of Saint Bruno[27] (H.S.B.) founded by Br. Michael Anthony after the dissolution of the C.H.S.B. is a Roman Catholic fraternity of hermits who live their solitary life in praise of God and His goodness and by their hidden lives of prayer, penance and solitude make intercession at God's throne for all their brothers and sisters throughout the world. The Monsignor was the Abbot from 2007-2020. In 2020 he retired due to illness and return to his original calling as a solitary hermit of Saint Bruno.

In 2006 Br. Michael Anthony joined the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary[28] . A Congregation of religious brothers and sisters dedicated to a two-fold Crusade: the propagation and defense of Catholic dogma and the conversion of America to the one, true Church. Perpetual Rosary Crusade. With permission of his spiritual advisory and with Apostolic Blessing he was able to become a tertiary brother of the order even after his solemn profession in his vocation as a hermit. Earned a Certificatorium of Catholic Studies from Sancti Augustini Studiorum Catholicorum Institutum. Br. Michael Anthony, Er., H.S.B., M.I.C.M. Tert. remained a tertiary brother of the Order for the remainder of his life.

From 2000 to 2019 The Right Reverend Monsignor Michael Anthony, PA, H.S.B. was an Advocate for The Archbishop Fulton John Sheen Foundation[29]. The Archbishop Fulton John Sheen Foundation functioned as the “promoter of the Cause” for the Canonization of the late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. The first major task of the Foundation was the gathering of information about the life, virtues, and apostolic works of Archbishop Sheen. The Holy Father, Pope Francis, called for Venerable Servant of God Fulton J. Sheen’s Beatification on December 21, 2019. On 2 Decembe 2019 ceremony was postponed by request of USCCB.

Volunteer Experience

In 1978 Michael Ramos founded the Space Coast Street Machines and was its President from 1978 through 1985. Space Coast Street Machines was a car club that included American muscle cars. Activities included Car Shows, Road Rallies, Drag Racing, Cruise Nights, Swap Meets & Special Events. The club was instrumental in stopping most street racing and move drag racing to a National Hot Rod Association Sanctioned Raceway. Selected events were used to raise funds for various charities. In 1980 Ramos was able to convince Rick's Oak Tree, Inc. to donate use of their large back conference room for the clubs regular meetings.

In 1981 Michael Ramos was a Fund Raiser for the The Harbor City Volunteer Ambulance Squad, Inc. This was a was a nonprofit Emergency Medical Transport Service. They were founded in 1966, all trained, certified, efficient and well respected by all residents. We came up with innovative and some fun ways to raise funds for this organizations. The last fund raiser he did with friends drew the attention of national news both Television and print. Hermitage archives still have the news story on VHS. The funds raised help to keep the equipment operational and stocked with proper medical equipment. In 1999 this organization was forced to close for political reasons and was replaced by for-profit competing and expensive ambulance service.Ramos also raised an equal amount of funds the same year for The Florida Children's Home.

From 1983 through 2000 Dr. Ramos donated funds and items to the Smithsonian Institute. Goal was to make sure America's history would be preserved. His major contribution was in 1986 where he was Awarded the Philanthropist of the Year Award for helping acquire artist Michael Rickert's scale model of a turn of the century town (1890-1900) for the Institute. It was all sculpted in pewter. This placed him at dinner with former President Ford in Denver, CO. Ramos always made monthly donations as well.

September 1985 through June 1986 Ramos was on loan to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for their NURTURE Program. As a Mentor in NASA's NURTURE Program he taught System and Control Engineering to High School Students that were invited to the Kennedy Space Center for the duration of the program. His lesson plan included hands on work in a lab he had constructed for this purpose. At the end of the program he counseled each student as too what their goals were once they graduated and gave advice in how to obtain their goals. The goal of the NURTURE Program was to generate enough interest so that these students would be interested in a career path in engineering or science. During this time Ramos was also a Mission Specialist Candidate.

From Jan 1986 through Jan 1991 Ramos performed in the Florida Marine Patrol Auxiliary at the rank of Lieutenant. Patrol efforts based on core missions of Resource Protection, Environmental Protection, Boating and Waterways and Public Safety. Officers enforced not only Florida state laws but also federal fisheries and wildlife laws. Graduated from the Law Enforcement Academy at Eastern Florida State College.[30]

1989 to 2001 Ramos performed as a Tax Preparer. Seasonally helped individuals and small family owned companies prepare and file their IRS Income Tax Forms. He also provided a source for personal tax help when an individual without assets had tax issues they thought they could not handle on their own. Ramos always worked hard to make sure any problem was resolved and that they were getting the exceptional help while holding to a standard of excellence. Michael Ramos had an earned Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with a focus on corporate finance and accounting.

Michael Ramos founded in 1992 the Space Coast Garrison and acted as president from 1992 to 2001. Founded as a not for profit organization whose purpose is to promote the study of military history through the art of tabletop miniature wargaming and an active member of the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society (HMGS-South)[31]. The organization also has a subsection for non-historical miniature gaming , tactical card games, tactical board games and chess. Participated in all HMGS South events. The club participated internationally with other wargaming clubs. Ramos was invited and participated in "Wargaming Your Way Across Europe" (WGYWAE) that covered six countries as guest of clubs or that nationals military. In addition to WGYWAE additional countries Space Coast Garrison participated with at their invitation include but were not limited to USA, England, Scotland, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Ramos personally had invitation to Russia that included participation in excavation of a T-34 that had been found buried. The organizations main focus was in World War II era but many eras were covered.

From January 2009 through July 2018 Br. Michael Anthony was a Charter Member and supporter of The National WWII Museum. His involvement started as a way to honor his fathers service during World War II though he never let anyone in his family know of his support. The National WWII Museum, formerly known as the D-Day Museum, is a military history museum located in the Central Business District of New Orleans, Louisiana. The museum focuses on the contribution made by the United States to Allied victory in World War II. Founded in 2000, it was later designated by the U.S. Congress as America's official National World War II Museum in 2003. The Museum maintains an affiliation with the Smithsonian Institution. The mission statement of the Museum emphasizes the American experience in World War II. The name Michael Ramos can be found etched in the stones of the museum for his contributions and of early supporter of the museum. For his support of the World War II Museum Dr. Michael A. Ramos was placed on the museums Honor Roll.[32]

Martial Arts

Dr. Ramos martial arts studies continued from from January 1974 through January 2000.

Student/Assistant Instructor - Various dojos and temples Dr. Ramos had been studying martial arts since 1974. He studied various martial arts ranging up to Jūdan rankings, Dan (rank): Matsubayashi-ryū Karate, Goshin Jutsu, Iaijutsu, Yang-style t'ai chi ch'uan, Tai chi ch'uan, Aiki Jujitsu, Musō Jikiden Eishin-ryū, Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinko Kai, Aikido, Judo[33], Toide, Mushin Budo, Chung-Kuo Chin Na, Jeet Kune Do, Dai Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu and Kokusai Hakutsru Shōrin-ryū.

Sensei Various Dojo's Sensei Ramos spent a few years teaching at other dojos as Sensei where he had the honor to share what he had learned and continue to progress in the martial arts. Taught Goshin Jutsu, Iaijutsu, RyuKyu Kobudo

Sōke - RyuKyu Budo-Kai Martial Arts Dojo Dr. Ramos founded where he taught the following martial arts: Matsubayashi-ryū Karate, Ryukyu Kobudo, Goshin Jutsu and Musō Jikiden Eishin-ryū. Ran the dojo fee free to students that had a true desire to learn the ancient martial arts and self-defense. Soke Ramos shared what he had learned with dedicated students using rigorous traditional training methods.

Sōke Ramos[34] was inducted into both the Black Belt Hall of Fame of the World Wide Martial Arts Association[35] and the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame by the United States Martial Arts Association.

Licenses: Menkyo Kaiden Matsubayashi-ryū Karate, Okuden Menkyo Goshin Jutsu, Joden Menkyo Kokusai Shinjo-Ryu Iai-Jutsu, Joden Menkyo Ryukyu Kobujutsu Hozon Shinko Kai, Senior Examiner Matsubayashi-ryū Karate, Senior Instructor Matsubayashi-ryū Karate, Certified PR-24 Instructor

Martial Arts Affliates and Memberships: World Wide Martial Arts Association (Life Member), United States Martial Arts Association (Life Member), World Shorin-Ryu Karate Association, Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Association, World Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate-Do Association, Shorin Ryu Karate USA, All Okinawan Martial Arts Union, All Okinawan Seidokan Motobu-ryu Martial Arts Renmei, All Japan Seibukan Martial Arts and Ways Association, Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinkokai, Nippon Kobudo Jikishin-Kai, International Okinawan Martial Arts Union, Dai-Yoshin-ryu Jujutsu/Kobudo Renmei, Shaolin Chung-Kuo Ch'uan-Shu Association, Juko-Kai USA, U.S. Aikido Federation, Jeet-Kune-Do Club Hong Kong


List of awards and nominations received by Michael Ramos

Year Award Issuer Result
1973 Citizen Award Boy Scouts of America Won
1973 Excellence In Communications Boy Scouts of America Won
1973 Bronze Medal For Alpine Skiing Italian Winter Sports Federation Won
1974 Award in The World of Construction United States Army Africa Won
1975 First Place NRA Rifle Safety Class Championship Small Bore National Rifle Association Won
1976 First Place NRA National Smallbore Rifle Metric 3-Pos Championships National Rifle Association Won
1976 First Place US Army Junior Rifle Championship Small Bore United States Army Won
1978 Excellence in Physics American Institute of Physics Won
1978 National Merit Scholarship Finalist National Merit Scholarship Corporation Nominated
1979 Florida Resident Access Grant Florida Department of Education Won
1979 Computer Research Scholar Florida Institute of Technology Won
1980 Florida Resident Access Grant Florida Department of Education Won
1981 Florida Resident Access Grant Florida Department of Education Won
1982 Florida Resident Access Grant Florida Department of Education Won
1983 CISE: The Software and Hardware Foundations Award National Science Foundation Won
1985 NASA Team Award[36] National Aeronautics and Space Administration Won
1986 Philanthropist of the Year[37] Smithsonian Institute Won
1989 AD&D World Championship Open TSR, Inc. Won
1990 Nuclear Mound Fellow EG&G Nominated
1990 White House Fellows White House Nominated
1991 White House Fellows White House Nominated
1991 Operation Desert Storm Particpant Persian Gulf U.S. Army Won
1992 Congressional Fellow Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Nominated
1993 Astronaut - Mission Specialist National Aeronautics and Space Administration Nominated
1993 White House Fellows White House Nominated
1998 Warhammer 40K Grand Tournament USA - Best Army Games Workshop Won
2000 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame United States Martial Arts Association Won
2001 Black Belt Martial Arts Hall of Fame World Wide Martial Arts Association Won
2020 The National WWII Museum Honor Roll The National WWII Museum Won

Personal Life

From the age of ten Br. Michael Anthony maintained a work ethic of full time education and employment throughout his life. Whether that mixture was education, employment or volunteer work. He was a former member of Prometheus Society[38], Triple Nine Society[39] and Mensa; and a National Merit Finalist, a competitive sharpshooter and a member of the U.S. Chess Federation. He started college after graduating unexpectedly early from high school and turned down a U.S. Naval Academy appointment when he learned the two years of college would not be credited and he would have to start over as a freshman. He speaks English, Spanish, Italian, Ecclesiastical Latin and Arabic. In addition he has studied conversational Hogan, Mandarin, Japanese, Navajo and Russian. Has lived in Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, Panama, Georgia, Washington, D.C., Italy, Florida, North Carolina, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Ramos was a guest of President Ford for a weekend of dinners and entertainment for his generous philanthropic donations to the Smithsonian Institute. Michael Ramos spent over a quarter of a century learning, practicing and teaching traditional oriental martial arts. He also spent over three decades as an avid sportsman within North America of fish, game and foul. His resting place is in the Saint Josephs Roman Catholic Church Cemetery.[40]


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As a contributor

  • hoi polloi II - A Literary Journal for the Rest of Us, Dog Days Press (2009), Robert McNulty (Editor)
  • Movie Protesters Editorial, Star Spangled Banner (2006)

As part of Brainstorming Team

  • Finding Love in 2020, The Beartaria Times (2020)
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As a reviewer

  • LibrayThing[42] -Book Reviews


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Rt. Rev. Monsignor Michael Anthony Ramos, B.S., S.T.B., M.S., Ph.D, DBA, Ph.D, DD, E.I.T., CPE, Er., PA, HSB, M.I.C.M. Tert. was deplatformed from various social media, institutional accounts and physical accounts because of his active support of traditional Christianity and Truth in speech, video and writing.

2008 Facebook*(a)
2008 Facebook Nonprofit Account and Page*(a)
2008 MissionFish Nonprofit Account
2008 PayPal Nonprofit Account
2009 eBay Giving Works[58]
2011 Hermitage Blog[59]
2015 Physical Hermitage Bank Account
2016 Vatican Archives (during the Francis pontificate) * (b)
2020 Wikipedia
2020 YouTube Channel[60]
2020 All Google Accounts * (c)

  • (a) The Right Reverend Monsignor had maintained both a Facebook page and a Facebook Non Profit page from 2003 through 2008 when they were deleted because of his active support of traditional marriage when California Proposition 8 was on the ballot.
  • (b) For rumor support of what is called the "Vatileaks" letters of 2012 and support of Carlo Maria Viganò's report of 2016.
  • (c) Tortious interference, threat had Books - Google Play restored


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  1. This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Ramos and the second or maternal family name is Prieto.

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