Brannoc of Braunton

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Born 6th century
supposedly Wales
Died Braunton in North Devon
Venerated in Anglican Communion and Roman Catholicism
Major shrine Braunton in North Devon (destroyed)
Feast 26 June or 7 January.

Brannoc of Braunton or Saint Brannock was a Christian saint associated with the village of Braunton in the English county of Devon. His feast is January 7.


Brannock is believed to have migrated from South Wales to establish a monastery at Braunton in the 6th century. He is believed to have been buried there. It is also believed that he built his church on a hill overlooking Braunton, but it has since collapsed. In a dream he was told to look for a sow and piglets for the site to build his new church. This story is commemorated in one of the stained glass windows and in a roof boss of St Brannock's Church, Braunton.[1]

Braunton celebrates St Brannock's Day each 26 June, but Exeter Cathedral celebrates his feast day on 7 January and 7 April. The latter may be a conflation with Saint Brynach whose feast day is 7 April.[2]


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