Bravanese people

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Regions with significant populations
Bravanese and Somali
Related ethnic groups
Yemenis, Omanis, Somalis, Persians, Bajunis

The Bravanese people, also known as the Barawani, are a group inhabiting Somalia.


As their name suggests, the Bravanese hail from Brava (Barawa), a port town on the southeastern coast of Somalia.

The population's members trace their origins to diverse groups, notably Yemeni, Omani, Somali, African and Persian migrants.[1][2]


The Bravanese speak the Bravanese language (Chimwiini), a variant of the Bantu Swahili language.[3]

Some also speak Somali, which is an Afro-Asiatic language either as a first or second language.

Representation in Somali Transitional Federal Parliament

Chairman and Political Leader of the Braven Community, The Hon. Ali Mohamed Faqay (Dr:Cali Maxamed Faqay Barawaani) was made a delegate to the 2003 Somali Peacetalks, see 83. Hon. Ali Mohamed Faqay List of members of the Somali Transitional Federal Parliament. Ali Mohamed Faqay is listed with his community affiliation at[4] In early 2016, Mr. Ali Amin Sheikh Abu Bakar became the chairman and representative (Sultan) of Barawa Town.

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