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Breon Mitchell (born Bert Breon Mitchell; 1942) is a (retired) American professor of Germanic Studies and translator. He was a Professor of Germanic Studies, chair of the Comparative Literature Department, and Director of the Lilly Library of Indiana University.[1] He has translated a number of notable German works into English including The Trial by Franz Kafka, The God of Impertinence by Sten Nadolny, Shadowlife by Martin Grzimek, The Silent Angel by Heinrich Böll, Laura's Skin by J.F. Federspiel, and The Color of the Snow by Rüdiger Kremer, and The Tin Drum by Günter Grass (2009).[1][2] Mitchell translated and then revised What Must Be Said in April 2012.[3]

Personal life

Breon Mitchell was born on August 9, 1942 in Salina, Kansas to John Charles II and Maxine Mitchell. He has a brother John Charles III and late brother Tim. He has three children with his wife Lynda, Catherine, Kieron, and Kerry. Breon now lives in Ellettsville, Indiana. He retired from his position in early 2013, and was awarded the President's Distinguished Service Medal award by Indiana University. He enjoys watching the Indianapolis Colts and guest lecturing across the world.


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