Brigid Harrington

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Brigid Harrington
Born 2000
Occupation Actor, singer, voice artist

Brigid Harrington is an American actress, singer, dancer and voice artist. She is best known as the voice of "Koko" on the American version of the British animated TV series Chuggington, and on Broadway as Jane Banks in Mary Poppins.


Brigid Harrington has, at a young age, played a lead character in two major Disney properties on television [1] and Broadway [2] .[3] Since January 18, 2010, her voice has been heard daily on the Disney Channel's animated preschool series Chuggington as Koko,[4] and is also used in Chuggington Interactive Toys ,[5] on DVD [6][7] [8][9] [10] [11] ,[12][13] in Apps [14] and on the web. On Broadway, Harrington played Jane Banks in Mary Poppins [15] [16] [17][18][19] at the New Amsterdam Theatre. Other widely seen work includes voice overs for Nickelodeon & Nick Jr.. Her speaking and singing voice has been used to introduce various Nick Jr. shows and in educational segments. Commercially, she is featured in many radio spots. While on camera, she has been seen nationally and internationally. [20] She has also been featured in theatrical productions regionally ,[21] including performing at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia Pa.


Disney Channel

Harrington originated the American voice of the lead female character Koko in the animated series Chuggington, when it debuted in America on the Disney Channel on January 18, 2010.[22] Harrington records for the American version, and also joined other cast members in singing the US show's theme song. She is also featured in a series of "Be Safe" PSAs running on the Disney Channel in conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration .[23] Currently, she is recording the fourth season of Chuggington episodes along with three Chuggington movies set to begin release in August 2013.[24]


For Nickelodeon and Nick Jr., Harrington has recorded bumpers and musical intros for many of their shows [25] such as The Backyardigans, Go, Diego, Go!, Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, and the Fresh Beat Band. She also recorded special BrainBooster segments and educational features for "Ni-Hao, Kai-lan".


In 2010, she appeared in the A&E International show "Bloodwork".[26] Also that year, ahw sang a song in Italian and played Lidia Bastianich's granddaughter "Julia" in Nonna Tell Me a Story: Lidia's Christmas Kitchen[27] which ran on PBS and CreateTV ,[28] and is now available on DVD. In 2011, Brigid was interviewed on ABC's Good Morning America, [29] and was also featured in some performance shots while she sang and danced[30] as Jane Banks in Mary Poppins on Broadway.

America's Got Talent

Brigid and her sister Shannon Harrington were taped at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City for America's Got Talent (season 5). A portion of their act and interview were featured in a "Great Talent" promo for the show which aired on NBC, and the Oxygen Network.


Among Brigid's credits are commercials for IKEA (in which she was cast with sister Shannon), Hasbro, CarMax, Comcast and Time Warner Cable.[20] She also appears in an anti-smoking public service announcement by NJ Quitline.[31]


Harrington began her career on the stage, and within a couple of years made her Broadway debut at the New Amsterdam Theatre on May 10, 2011 starring as Jane Banks in Disney's Mary Poppins. She played opposite 3 "Mary's": Ashley Brown, Laura Michelle Kelly, and Steffanie Leigh. Also in 2011, she participated in the annual Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids Gypsy of the Year Competition. Along with Mary Poppins' castmates, Harrington won First Runner-Up for Best Stage Presentation,[32][33][34] and according to David Noh of Chelsea Now, "Performance-wise, little Brigid Harrington, who plays one of the children in 'Mary Poppins', got the biggest applause. In that show's contribution to the competition, kids played adult roles, and Harrington, wearing a gray-streaked wig and pearls, hilariously impersonated Martha in 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.' "[35] Harrington and a castmate's performance was recognized by Playbill Contributing Writer Seth Rudetsky as one of his "Most unforgettable experiences of 2011". [36] [37] [38] .[39] Harrington has also performed in many professional theatrical productions such as Scrooge The Musical (Tiny Tim) ,[30] and Annie, (Annie). [40] [41] [42] [43] She played Susan Waverly [44] [45] at the historic Walnut Street Theatre's production of Irving Berlin's White Christmas. Her younger sister Shannon Harrington also played the same role on the Broadway National Tour of the same production.[46]


After appearing in several student films, Harrington shot a scene in her first feature film — Lullaby [47] — playing "Sarah" in a scene that includes, among others, Garrett Hedlund and Jennifer Hudson. The film is the first by Andrew Levitas, who is the film's Director and Writer. Starting in October 2012, Kidtoon Films released Chuggington Traintastic Adventures [48] to theaters nationwide as a way to introduce children to their first cinematic experience. [49]

Voice-over & Recordings

In addition to her voice-over work on the Disney Channel, Disney Jr., and Nickelodeon, Harrington has provided the voice of Koko in Chuggington Interactive toys ,[5] [50] games and apps.[51] She can be heard on 3 The Magic School Bus audio books from Scholastic [52] as Wanda & Molly. She has recorded many radio commercials including ads for Twizzlers, Capital One Bank, and several for Comcast.[43] Harrington also recorded an original song with Mary Poppins' cast on Carols for a Cure 2011: Vol. 13, the annual holiday CD featuring Broadway performers, with proceeds going towards Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids.

Live Performances

  • Hammerstein Ballroom - performed with sister Shannon Harrington for America's Got Talent Season 5, (recorded for broadcast) April 22, 2012 [53]
  • Student and Youth Travel Association Conference, NYC - performed with company of Mary Poppins, August 22, 2011 [54][55]
  • Broadway Sessions, NYC - performed at reunion of Broadway's revival cast of Hair, April 25, 2013 [56]
  • Broadway for the Arts Concert of Stars,- Skyline Theatre Company, April 7, 2013 [57][58]


  • 1st Runner Up, Best Stage Presentation: 23rd Annual BC/EFA "Gypsy of the Year" Competition[32][33]
  • Recognized as "Unforgettable experiences of 2011" in[36]
  • National Finalist: Shrek The Musical "Not Your Ordinary Princess" Broadway competition.[20][59]
  • Cynopisis Media Kids Imagination Award: Chuggington Traintastic Adventures app.[60]
  • Annie Award Nomination: Chuggington, 2012.[61] and 2013.[62]


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