CE Europa

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CE Europa
Full name Club Esportiu Europa
Nickname(s) Escapulados, europeístas
Founded 5 June 1907
Ground Nou Sardenya, Barcelona
Catalonia, Spain
Ground Capacity 7,000
Chairman Guillaume de Bode
Manager Pedro Dólera
League 3ª – Group 5
2012–13 3ª – Group 5, 3rd
Website Club home page
Current season

Club Esportiu Europa is a Spanish sports club, based in the Gràcia district of Barcelona. The club is best known for its football team who in 1929, along with city neighbours FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol, were founder members of La Liga. They currently play in Group 5 of the Tercera División.

During the late 1990s they won the Copa Catalunya twice in succession, on both occasions beating FC Barcelona in the final.

The club also has one of the oldest basketball teams in Spain and on 8 December 1922 they hosted Laietà BC in the first ever organised basketball game played in the country. During the 1920s the basketball team were also Catalan champions on two occasions.


Club background

  • CD Europa(1907–31)
  • Catalunya FC(1931–32)
  • CD Europa(1932–85)
  • CE Europa(1985–)


File:Club Deportiu Europa 1907.png
CE europa (old design)

CE Europa was originally founded on 5 June 1907 following a merger between Madrid de Barcelona and Provençal. In 1918/19 season the football team won the B division of the Campionat de Catalunya. After beating CE Jupiter 3–1 and 4–0 in a play-off for the title, they then defeated Athletic Sabadell 7–0 and 9–0 in a promotion play-off.

Golden Age

During the 1920s, after FC Barcelona, CE Europa emerged as the second strongest team in Catalonia. In both 1921 and 1922 they finished as runners-up in the Campionat de Catalunya before winning the title in 1923 under coach Ralph Kirby. After finishing level on points with FC Barcelona, they then beat them 1–0 in a title play-off.

They subsequently represented Catalonia in the 1923 Copa del Rey and after defeating Sevilla FC and Sporting Gijón in earlier rounds. In the Copa del Rey final at the Les Corts stadium, they lost 1–0 to Athletic Bilbao. Kirby subsequently went to coach FC Barcelona during the 1925–26 season.

CE Europa finished as runners-up in the Campionat de Catalunya again in 1924, 1927, 1928 and 1929.

In 1928 their impressive record saw them invited to join the very first La Liga. They spent three seasons in the Primera División: 1928/29, 1929/30 and 1930/31. In 1931, despite the return of Ralph Kirby they were relegated to the Segunda División.


In 1931 CE Europa merged with Gràcia FC, formerly known as FC Espanya de Barcelona, and briefly became known as Catalunya FC. However the merger was not a success and during the 1931/32 season Catalunya FC, with three games to go, were unable to complete their fixture list due to financial reasons. As a result the fifteen games they had played in the Segunda División were annulled and the team were relegated to the Tercera División. The club then reverted to the name CD Europa in 1932.

Segunda División

During the late 1950s and 1960s the club enjoyed a brief revival. After twice winning the Moscardó Trophy, a competition for Catalan teams in the Tercera División, they won Tercera División champions in both seasons 1961/62 and 1962/63. On the latter occasion they succeeded in gaining promotion to the Segunda División. After five seasons, they were relegated to Tercera División after season 1967/68.

In 1985–86 season the Castilian Club Deportivo was replaced with Club Esportiu.

Copa Catalunya

In both 1997 and 1998 CE Europa won the Copa Catalunya, beating FC Barcelona in both finals. In the 1997 final they faced a team coached by Bobby Robson and including Amor and Hristo Stoichkov and won 3–1. In the 1998 final they held the likes of Amor, Sergi, Iván de la Peña, Fernando Couto, Juan Antonio Pizzi and Michael Reiziger to a 1–1 draw at the Mini Estadi. They then clinched the trophy 4–3 on penalties.

Europa achieved its third tournament in the 2014–15 edition, after beating Girona FC in the final by 2–1.


CE Europa hold home games at Nou Sardenya, with a 7,000-spectators capacity. 1,000 seats are located on a covered tribune, and the pitch's dimensions are 100×63 metres. It opened on 1 December 1940.



  • Moscardó Trophy: 1959, 1963
  • Vila de Gràcia Trophy: 1996, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2010, 2013


Season to season

Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1928/29 1 8th Round of 32
1929/30 1 9th Round of 32
1930/31 1 10th
1931/32 2 10th
1940/41 4 1ª Catalana 9th
1941/42 5 2ª Catalana 12th
1942/43 5 2ª Catalana 1st
1943/44 4 1ª Catalana 8th
1944/45 4 1ª Catalana 6th
1945/46 4 1ª Catalana 7th
1946/47 4 1ª Catalana 10th
1947/48 4 1ª Catalana 6th
1948/49 4 1ª Catalana 11th
1949/50 4 1ª Catalana 8th
1950/51 4 1ª Catalana 1st
1951/52 3 9th
1952/53 3 5th
1953/54 3 4th
1954/55 3 9th
1955/56 3 4th
1956/57 3 4th
1957/58 3 3rd
1958/59 3 5th
1959/60 3 10th
1960/61 3 5th
1961/62 3 1st
1962/63 3 1st
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1963/64 2 3rd First Round
1964/65 2 13th First Round
1965/66 2 14th Round of 32
1966/67 2 6th Round of 16
1967/68 2 14th
1968/69 3 6th
1969/70 3 4th
1970/71 3 5th
1971/72 3 16th
1972/73 3 10th
1973/74 3 18th
1974/75 4 Reg. Pref. 4th
1975/76 4 Reg. Pref. 6th
1976/77 4 Reg. Pref. 1st
1977/78 4 11th
1978/79 4 17th
1979/80 4 16th
1980/81 4 17th
1981/82 4 13th
1982/83 4 11th
1983/84 4 6th
1984/85 4 4th
1985/86 4 15th
1986/87 5 Reg. Pref. 12th
1987/88 5 Reg. Pref. 5th
1988/89 5 Reg. Pref. 2nd
1989/90 4 5th
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1990/91 4 13th
1991/92 4 16th
1992/93 4 14th
1993/94 4 4th
1994/95 3 2ªB 19th
1995/96 4 2nd
1996/97 4 4th
1997/98 4 8th
1998/99 4 3rd
1999/00 4 6th
2000/01 4 3rd
2001/02 4 17th
2002/03 4 14th
2003/04 4 17th
2004/05 5 1ª Catalana 2nd
2005/06 4 13th
2006/07 4 14th
2007/08 4 11th
2008/09 4 11th
2009/10 4 8th
2010/11 4 7th
2011/12 4 16th
2012/13 4 3rd
2013/14 4 3rd
2014/15 4 3rd

Current squad


As of 24 August 2014. Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Spain GK Rafa Leva
Spain GK Sergio Fernández
Spain GK Víctor Cócera
Spain DF Álex Cano
Spain DF Alberto González
Spain DF Víctor Durán
Spain DF Albert Alegre
Spain DF Sergi Pastells
Spain DF Oriol Dot
Spain MF Daniel Valderas
Spain MF Carlos Guzmán
No. Position Player
Spain MF Javi Lara
Spain MF Alberto Padilla
Spain MF Putxi
Spain MF Joan Vives
Spain FW Roberto Camacho
Spain FW Ramón Rovira
Spain FW Javi Sánchez
Spain FW Nils Puchades
Spain FW Ignacio Rosillo
Spain FW Alejandro Poves

Coaching staff

Position Staff
Manager Spain Pedro Dólera
Assistant manager Spain Dani Contreras
Goalkeeper coach Spain Antoni Ribas
Fitness coach Spain Juan León

Famous players

see also Category:CE Europa footballers

Selected Former Managers

see also Category:CE Europa managers

Club Anthem

Title: Europa, sempre endavant!
Words and Music: Robert Baquero

Europa, Europa, Europa sempre endavant !!
no tinguem por del que vindrà
el futur hem de guanyar !!

Europa, Europa, Europa sempre endavant !!
que la nostra fe en la victòria
a tothom faci vibrar
Portem amb orgull el blau escapulari
sentim els colors ben endintre del cor

Europa, Europa, Europa sempre endavant !!
que la nostra fe en la victòria
a tothom faci vibrar...
i que la nostra gran història
poc a poc poguem retrobar

Europa, Europa, Europa... endavant, endavant !!

Listen to the "hymn" by clicking here: Club Anthem

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