Calgary Transit Public Safety and Enforcement Section

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Calgary Transit Security
Common name PS&E (Public Safety & Enforcement Unit)
Abbreviation CT PS&E
Calgary Transit Public Safety & Enforcement
Motto To Provide safe, accessible and courteous public transportation service in response to the needs of our customers.
Agency overview
Employees 70 Officers + Management
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction* Regional District of City of Calgary in the municipality of City of Calgary, Canada
Governing body Solicitor General of Alberta
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters Calgary, Alberta
Peace Officers 71
Civilians N/A
Elected officer responsible Kathleen Ganley, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General
Agency executive Brian Whitelaw
* Divisional agency: Division of the country, over which the agency has usual operational jurisdiction.

Calgary Transit Public Safety and Enforcement Section (formerly Calgary Transit Protective Services) is the enforcement agency for Calgary Transit.


Formed in 1981, as Special Constables under the Police Act of Alberta, Special Constables had most authorities given to regular Police Constables.

In 2008, the new Peace Officer Act replaced the old Police Act. Officers were then renamed as Peace Officers under this Act and given full Peace Officer powers in the Province of Alberta.


The main duties of a Calgary Transit Peace Officer are to protect the public using the system, the employees and its assets. Officers must respond to requests for assistance from customers and employees which include arresting persons found committing criminal offences (indictable or summary conviction) on or in relation to Calgary Transit facilities, vehicles and property.

Other duties includes public education, regular patrols of the transit system, customer relations and issuance of violation tickets.


PS&E Peace Officers have similar powers of a police officer to enforce Federal Statutes and various Provincial Statutes while in the execution of their specifically appointed duties as it pertains to Calgary Transit property. Officers enforce the Criminal Code of Canada (CCC), the Gaming and Liquor Act of Alberta, the Traffic Safety Act of Alberta (TSA) - non-moving violations, the Provincial Offences and Procedures Act (POPA), Trespass to premise act (TPA), The Petty Trespass Act of Alberta and all Municipal By-Laws for the City of Calgary.[1]

PS&E Officers have a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Calgary Police Service that give Transit Peace Officers extended authority to arrest and detain individuals with outstanding warrants and execute these warrants. This extended authority also allows for transport of arrested individuals to the Calgary Court Services Section (CSS) or Calgary Remand Center (CRC).

At current time, the force deploys 71 officers with full peace officers status. All officers are equipped with handcuffs, O/C Spray, collapsible batons and protective body armour.

In June 2009, a new Mountain Bike Unit of 8 Officers was created and deployed. Officers went through an intensive week-long training program through internationally recognized "Law Enforcement Bike Association" (L.E.B.A.).

PS&E partners with the local municipal police force Calgary Police Service (CPS) in enforcing laws in the Calgary area on the Transit properties. As with most agencies, PS&E utilizes its own radio service; and a centralized call taking and dispatch centre.


Calgary Transit Peace Officers Salary - $32.92 to $44.04 per hour (2015 rate)


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