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Cambridge University Lawn Tennis Club (CULTC) in England is one of the oldest lawn tennis clubs in the world.


The club was founded in 1881, seven years before the Lawn Tennis Association of Great Britain was founded.[citation needed] Although it is called a 'club', it is actually the lawn tennis association of the whole of the University of Cambridge, representing the University as a whole, the thirty-one Colleges, and other institutions which are part of the University.

CULTC is directly affiliated to the Lawn Tennis Association of Great Britain and has a representative on the Council and on the Board of the Association. The President and former Chairman of the Club, Sir Geoffrey Cass, was President of the Lawn Tennis Association and Chairman of the L.T.A. Council 1997–1999. He is currently President of the British Tennis Foundation.[1]

The University and Colleges give considerable support to British tennis by making available their administrative and playing facilities. CULTC regularly arranges for County Week groups to be held on College grounds.

The University's annual fixture list is one of the strongest in Britain. It usually includes matches against many different countries, as well as several of Britain's leading lawn tennis clubs; also half-a-dozen universities, and a dozen other clubs and teams. Most of the Club's annual fixtures are home matches, which means that in a typical year nearly 30 tennis teams from all over Britain are entertained for a day in Cambridge at Fenner's.

Famous past and current members

Until the Second World War, after which lawn tennis became less of an amateur pursuit, Cambridge Blues won no less than 28 Wimbledon Championships in singles and doubles.


Famous Cambridge Lawn Tennis Blues
Name College Degree Subject Years played Varsity Match
Reginald Doherty Trinity Hall
Lawrence Doherty Trinity Hall
Anthony Wilding Trinity Law
C.R.D. Tuckey
H.W. (`Bunny') Austin Selwyn B.A. History 1926–1928
Mark Cox Downing B.A. Economics


Varsity match

Overall statistics

Men's Varsity Match Results Overview
1881-2013 1946-2013
Cambridge Victories 72 44
Oxford Victories 42 23
Draws 9 -
Women's Varsity Match Results Overview
Cambridge Victories 26
Oxford Victories 13


Cambridge University versus Oxford University Varsity Match results:

Year Men Women
2014 Won 12-9 Won 14-7
2013 Won 12-9 Lost 7-14
2012 Won 12-9 Won 16-5
2011 Won 12-9 Won 18-3
2010 Won 13-8 Won 18-3
2009 Won 12-9 Won 12-9
2008 Won 15-6 Lost 10-11
2007 Won 12-9 Lost 8-13
2006 Won 11-10 Won 14-7
2005 Lost 8.5-12.5 Won 17-4
2004 Won 19-2 Won 11-4
2003 Won 12-9 Won 10-5
2002 Lost 7-14 Lost 7-8
2001 Lost 5-16 Won 8-4
2000 Won 12-9 Won 13-2
1999 Won 14-7 Won 12-3
1998 Lost 3-18 Won 12-3
1997 Won 13-8 Lost 4-11
1996 Lost 6-15 Lost 3-12
1995 Lost 3-18 Lost 1-14
1994 Lost 0-21 Lost 3-12
1993 Lost 6-15 Lost 7-8
1992 Lost 9-12 Won 11-4
1991 Won 15-6 Won 12-3
1990 Lost 5-16 Won 13-2
1989 Lost 2-19 Lost 1-14
1988 Lost 8-13 Lost 6-9
1987 Won 14-7 Won 9-6
1986 Won 16-5 Won 8-1
1985 Won 17-4 Won 10-5

The Doherty Cup

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