Canadian Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing

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The Canadian Triple Crown is a series of three Thoroughbred horse races run annually in Canada which is open to three-year-old horses foaled in Canada. Established in 1959, the series is unique in that it shares the same distances as its American counterpart, but is contested on three different race surfaces.[1]

The first leg, the Queen's Plate, is contested at 1¼ miles on Polytrack at Toronto, Ontario's Woodbine Racetrack, whereas the July Prince of Wales Stakes is a 1³/16 mile event run on dirt at Fort Erie Racetrack in Fort Erie, Ontario. The final leg is the 1½ mile Breeders' Stakes in August which is run on Turf over one full lap of the E. P. Taylor Turf Course at Woodbine.

The Canadian Triple Crown shares another characteristic with its American counterpart—all of the races in both series are open to geldings. This differs from the situation in Europe, where many important flat races, notably the British and all but one of the French classics, bar geldings.

Since 2014, all of the races in the Canadian Triple Crown have been televised by TSN.[2]

Winners of the Triple Crown

12 horses are officially recognized as winning the Canadian Triple Crown:[3][4][5]

Champions (before 1959):

Queen's Plate

Prince of Wales Stakes

Breeders' Stakes

1932 Queensway Frankie Mann Frankie Mann Frankie Mann Harry Giddings, Jr. Robert W. R. Cowie
1939 Archworth Sydney Denny Birley Sydney Denny Birley Sterling Young Mark Cowell C. George McCullagh
1945 Uttermost Robert B. Watson Robert B. Watson Robert B. Watson Cecil Howard Harry C. Hatch
1955 Ace Marine George Walker George Walker George Walker Yonnie Starr Larkin Maloney
1956 Canadian Champ David Stevenson David Stevenson Eugene Rodriguez John Passero William R. Beasley

Champions (since 1959):

Queen's Plate

Prince of Wales Stakes

Breeders' Stakes

1959 New Providence Bobby Ussery Avelino Gomez Avelino Gomez Pete McCann Windfields Farm
1963 Canebora Manuel Ycaza Hugo Dittfach Manuel Ycaza Pete McCann Windfields Farm
1989 With Approval Don Seymour Don Seymour Don Seymour Roger Attfield Kinghaven Farms
1990 Izvestia Don Seymour Don Seymour Don Seymour Roger Attfield Kinghaven Farms
1991 Dance Smartly Pat Day Pat Day Pat Day James E. Day Sam-Son Farm
1993 Peteski Craig Perret Dave Penna Craig Perret Roger Attfield Earle I. Mack
2003 Wando Patrick Husbands Patrick Husbands Patrick Husbands Mike Keogh Gus Schickedanz

Individual race winners

Key for full list of race winners
Denotes winners of the Canadian Triple Crown
Denotes winners of the Queen's Plate and the Prince of Wales Stakes but not the Breeders' Stakes
Denotes other winners of any other combination of 2 out of the 3 Canadian Triple Crown races
Canadian Triple Crowndagger
Year Queen's Plate Prince of Wales Stakes Breeders' Stakes
1860 Don Juan
1861 Wild Irishman
1862 Palermo
1863 Touchstone
1864 Brunette
1865 Lady Norfolk
1866 Beacon
1867 Wild Rose
1868 Nettie
1869 Bay Jack
1870 John Bell
1871 Floss
1872 Fearnaught
1873 Mignonette
1874 The Swallow
1875 Young Trumpeter
1876 Norah P.
1877 Amelia
1878 King George
1879 Moss Rose
1880 Bonnie Bird
1881 Vice Chancellor
1882 Fanny Wiser
1883 Roddy Pringle
1884 Williams
1885 Willie W.
1886 Wild Rose
1887 Bonnie Duke
1888 Harry Cooper
1889 Colonist Helen Leigh
1890 Kitestring Periwinkle
1891 Victorious Victorious
1892 O'Donohue Jardine
1893 Martello Bonnie Dundee
1894 Joe Miller Nancy Lee
1895 Bonniefield Bonniefield
1896 Millbrook Melcha
1897 Ferdinand Wicker
1898 Bon Ino Wenlock
1899 Butter Scotch Butter Scotch
1900 Dalmoor The Provost
1901 John Ruskin John Ruskin
1902 Lyddite Lyddite
1903 Thessalon Ayrshire Lad
1904 Sapper War Whoop
1905 Inferno Will King
1906 Slaughter Slaughter
1907 Kelvin Sea Wall
1908 Seismic Seismic
1909 Shimonese Courtier
1910 Parmer Parmer
1911 St. Bass St. Bass
1912 Heresy Amberite
1913 Hearts of Oak Hearts of Oak
1914 Beehive Beehive
1915 Tartarean Fair Montague
1916 Mandarin Mandarin
1917 Belle Mahone Tarahera
1918 Springside no race
1919 Ladder of Light no race
1920 St. Paul St. Paul
1921 Herendesy Herendesy
1922 South Shore Paddle
1923 Flowerful Trail Blazer
1924 Maternal Pride Vrana
1925 Fairbank Jean Crest
1926 Haplite Tattling
1927 Troutlet Mr. Gaiety
1928 Young Kitty Young Kitty
1929 Shorelint Lion Hearted Circulet
1930 Aymond Spearhead Whale Oil
1931 Froth Blower no race Froth Blower
1932 Queensway Queensway Queensway
1933 King O'Connor Syngo Khaki John
1934 Horometer no race Horometer
1935 Sally Fuller no race Gay Sympathy
1936 Monsweep Samoan Samoan
1937 Goldlure Cease Fire Fore Isus
1938 Bunty Lawless no race Mona Bell
1939 Archworth Archworth Archworth
1940 Willie the Kid Hood Hood
1941 Budpath no race Attrisius
1942 Ten to Ace Ten to Ace Shepperton
1943 Paolita no race Tulachmore
1944 Acara Ompalo Broom Time
1945 Uttermost Uttermost Uttermost
1946 Kingarvie no race Windfields
1947 Moldy Burboy Canada's Teddy
1948 Last Mark Lord Fairmond Last Mark
1949 Epic Victory Arch Grilled
1950 McGill Nephisto Nephisto
1951 Major Factor Major Factor Libertine
1952 Epigram Acadian Genthorn
1953 Canadiana Chain Reaction Chain Reaction
1954 Collisteo Queen's Own Queen's Own
1955 Ace Marine Ace Marine Ace Marine
1956 Canadian Champ Canadian Champ Canadian Champ
1957 Lyford Cay Our Sirdar The Schreiber
1958 Caledon Beau White Apache Dr. Em Jay
1959 New Providence New Providence New Providence
1960 Victoria Park Bulpamiru Hidden Treasure
1961 Blue Light Song of Even Song of Even
1962 Flaming Page King Gorm Crafty Lace
1963 Canebora Canebora Canebora
1964 Northern Dancer Canadillis Arctic Hills
1965 Whistling Sea Good Old Mort Good Old Mort
1966 Titled Hero He's A Smoothie Titled Hero
1967 Jammed Lovely Battling Pine Point
1968 Merger Rouletabille No Parando
1969 Jumpin Joseph Sharp-Eyed Quillo Grey Whiz
1970 Almoner Almoner Mary of Scotland
1971 Kennedy Road New Pro Escar Belle Geste
1972 Victoria Song Presidial Nice Dancer
1973 Royal Chocolate Tara Road Come In Dad
1974 Amber Herod Rushton's Corsair Haymaker's Jig
1975 L'Enjoleur L'Enjoleur Momigi
1976 Norcliffe Norcliffe Tiny Tinker
1977 Sound Reason Dance in Time Dance in Time
1978 Regal Embrace Overskate Overskate
1979 Steady Growth Mass Rally Bridle Path
1980 Driving Home Allan Blue Ben Fab
1981 Fiddle Dancer Boy Cadet Corps Social Wizard
1982 Son of Briartic Runaway Groom Runaway Groom
1983 Bompago Archdeacon Kingsbridge
1984 Key to the Moon Val Dansant Bounding Away
1985 La Lorgnette Imperial Choice Crowning Honors
1986 Golden Choice Golden Choice Carotene
1987 Market Control Coryphee Hangin On A Star
1988 Regal Intention Regal Classic King's Deputy
1989 With Approval With Approval With Approval
1990 Izvestia Izvestia Izvestia
1991 Dance Smartly Dance Smartly Dance Smartly
1992 Alydeed Benburb Blitzer
1993 Peteski Peteski Peteski
1994 Basqueian Bruce's Mill Basqueian
1995 Regal Discovery Kiridashi Charlie's Dewan
1996 Victor Cooley Stephanotis Chief Bearhart
1997 Awesome Again Cryptocloser John The Magician
1998 Archers Bay Archers Bay Pinafore Park
1999 Woodcarver Gandria Free Vacation
2000 Scatter the Gold Scatter the Gold Lodge Hill
2001 Dancethruthedawn Win City Sweetest Thing
2002 T J's Lucky Moon Le Cinquieme Essai Portcullis
2003 Wando Wando Wando
2004 Niigon A Bit O'Gold A Bit O'Gold
2005 Wild Desert Ablo Jambalaya
2006 Edenwold Shillelagh Slew Royal Challenger
2007 Mike Fox Alezzandro Marchfield
2008 Not Bourbon Harlem Rocker Marlang
2009 Eye of the Leopard Gallant Perfect Shower
2010 Big Red Mike Golden Moka Miami Deco
2011 Inglorious Pender Harbour Pender Harbour
2012 Strait of Dover Dixie Strike Irish Mission
2013 Midnight Aria Uncaptured Up With the Birds
2014 Lexie Lou Coltimus Prime Ami's Holiday
2015 Shaman Ghost Breaking Lucky Danish Dynaformer


  • dagger The Canadian Triple Crown was officially established in 1959
  • indicates filly

Individual Triple Crown winners

In 2011, Luis Contreras became the first jockey to sweep the Triple Crown races with different horses.

Year Person Type Queen's Plate Prince of Wales Stakes Breeders' Stakes
2011 Luis Contreras Jockey Inglorious Pender Harbour Pender Harbour

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