Carlos Guirao

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Carlos Guirao
Birth name Carlos Guirao Felices
Born (1954-02-23)23 February 1954
Barcelona, Spain
Died 17 January 2012(2012-01-17) (aged 57)
Barcelona, Spain
Genres electronic music Progressive rock
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments keyboard, Guitar
Years active 1970–2012
Labels At-mooss records, PDI
Associated acts Neuronium
Cherish Band
Gato viejo
Notable instruments
Roland Fantom
Korg M3

Carlos Guirao Felices was a musician and composer born in Barcelona 23 February 1954. He died in Barcelona 17 January 2012.[1]

Carlos Guirao after the concert in Badalona 27 June 2008

Carlos Guirao was member of several groups being the most well-known Neuronium, Programa and Cherish Band. In 1981 he performed for the Spanish Television program "Musical Express". This program consisted of interviews[2] and performances. This program included a performance of Carlos and Michel Huygen jointly with Vangelis at the Nemo Studio in London. Videos of this performance exist.[3] In this period he was also in touch with Klaus Schulze, who initially had to prepare the mixing of his third LP Digital dream. They also played a jam session with Teddy Bautista and Ash Ra Tempel for "Musical express".[4][5]


(1977): Quasar 2C361 (Neuronium)

(1978): Vuelo quimico (Neuronium)

(1980): Digital dream (Neuronium)

(1981): The visitor (Neuronium)

(1982): Chromium echoes (Neuronium)

(1982): Revelation (Carlos Guirao)

(1983): Sintesis digital (Programa)

(1984): Maxi Impacto-Reunion de amigos (Programa)

(1985): Acropolis (Programa)

(1986): Paris Dakar (Programa)

(2002): A Separate Affair (Neuronium – Vangelis)

(2005): Pesadillas de un ser viviente (Carlos Guirao, unpublished)

(2008): Ensayos bajo una tormenta (Carlos Guirao, unpublished)

(2010): Symphony (Carlos Guirao)

(2011): Alchemy (Loibant & Guirao)

(2011): Brumas (Carlos Guirao)

(2011): El vuelo de las almas miticas (Carlos Guirao)

(2012): PubLine (Carlos Guirao concierto en Lleida, unpublished)

(2012): Queda vida.....(Cherish Band)

(2012): OpRock (Carlos Guirao, unpublished)

(2012): Magics (Carlos Guirao, unpublished)

(2012): Excerpts (Carlos Guirao, unpublished)

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