Castle (District Electoral Area)

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District Electoral Area
Map showing Castle wards within Belfast
Area  19 km2 (7.3 sq mi)
Population 28,290 (2008 Estimate)
   – density  1,489/km2 (3,860/sq mi)
District Belfast City Council
County County Antrim
Country Northern Ireland
Sovereign state United Kingdom
EU Parliament Northern Ireland
UK Parliament Belfast North
NI Assembly North Belfast
List of places
Northern Ireland

Castle is one of the ten district electoral areas in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Located in the north of the city, the district elects six members to Belfast City Council and contains the wards of Bellevue, Cavehill, Chichester Park, Duncairn, Fortwilliam and Innisfayle. Castle, along with the neighbouring Court and Oldpark districts and parts of Newtownabbey Borough Council, forms the Belfast North constituencies for the Northern Ireland Assembly and UK Parliament. The district is bound to the east by the Victoria Channel, to the north by Newtownabbey Borough Council and Belfast Lough, to the south by North Street and to the west by the Cavehill Road and Oldpark Road.

The district takes its name from Belfast Castle which is located on Cavehill in the north of the district, while the southern section of the district is part of the city centre and forms one of the Belfast's main cultural areas, known as the Cathedral Quarter. The east of the area also contains the Port of Belfast. Castle is served by the M2 and M5 motorways and the Yorkgate railway station.

Castle is one of the most mixed areas in the city, with just over half of the district's population being Protestant at the 2001 Census. This has resulted in the construction of a number of peace lines, for example along the Whitewell Road.


Castle was created for the 1985 local elections. All six wards came from the former Area H, with only the Cliftonville ward and northern section of the Waterworks ward omitted from the new district. One of the district's six wards, Castleview, was renamed Innisfayle in 2014.


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Map Ward Population
(2011 Census)
Catholic Protestant Other No Religion Area Density NI Assembly UK Parliament Ref
1 Bellevue 4,910 63.7% 29.3% 1.1% 6% 2.96 km2 1,659/km2 Belfast North Belfast North [1]
2 Castleview 4,722 38.1% 54.2% 1.2% 6.5% 1.41 km2 3,349/km2 Belfast North Belfast North [2]
3 Cavehill 4,820 57.1% 37.7% 0.9% 4.3% 3.41 km2 1,413/km2 Belfast North Belfast North [3]
4 Chichester Park 5,452 74.3% 17.2% 1.6% 6.9% 0.95 km2 5,739/km2 Belfast North Belfast North [4]
5 Duncairn 4,901 23.6% 63.9% 2.2% 10.3 9.24 km2 530/km2 Belfast North Belfast North [5]
6 Fortwilliam 4,561 41.3% 50.3% 1.2% 7.2% 1.03 km2 4,428/km2 Belfast North Belfast North [6]
Castle 29,366 50.3% 41.5% 1.4% 6.9% 19 km2 1,546/km2


Election Councillor
2014 Nuala McAllister
Lydia Patterson
David Browne
Mary Campbell
(Sinn Féin)
Pat Convery
Guy Spence
2011 Tierna Cunningham
(Sinn Féin)
2005 Nigel Dodds
Cathal Mullaghan
Ian Crozier
2001 Danny Lavery
(Sinn Féin)
Alban Maginness
1997 Tom Campbell
Nelson McCausland
1993 Jonathan Stephenson
John Carson
Nelson McCausland
(Independent Unionist)
1989 Tom Campbell
Frank Millar
(Independent Unionist)
1985 Alfie Redpath

2011 Elections

See also: Results of elections in 2011; 2005; 2001; 1997; 1993; 1989 and 1985.
Belfast City Council elections, 2011[7]
Party Candidate 1st Pref
DUP Lydia Patterson 1,489
Sinn Féin Tierna Cunningham 1,377
SDLP Pat Convery 1,367
Sinn Féin Mary Campbell 1,293
UUP David Browne 1,181
DUP Guy Spence 946
SDLP Cathal Mullaghan 883
Alliance David McKechnie 689
DUP Lee Reynolds 629
Workers' Party John Lavery 170
Turnout 10,024
Sinn Féin gain from Social Democratic and Labour

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