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For earlier United States history regarding air forces, see:
Aeronautical Division, U.S. Signal Corps (August 1, 1907 to July 18, 1914)
Aviation Section, U.S. Signal Corps (July 18, 1914 to May 20, 1918)
Division of Military Aeronautics (May 20, 1918 to May 24, 1918)
U.S. Army Air Service (May 24, 1918 to July 2, 1926)
U.S. Army Air Corps (July 2, 1926 to June 20, 1941) and
U.S. Army Air Forces (June 20, 1941 to September 17, 1947)

This category is for airfields of an air force of the United States between World War I and World War II and uses the Air Corps name (e.g., the italic link for the 1932 Albrook Army Airfield redirects to the history in the 1948 Albrook Air Force Station article.)