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Guidelines for making lists out of these categories.
  • Replacement lists might already exist; check related articles before creating a new replacement list.
  • At a minimum, the lists created should have all the information that can be found on the category page before the category is deleted.
  • The list should be linked to related articles as appropriate, and categorized the same as the category it is replacing.
  • The {{Listified}} template can be placed on the talk page of the list.
  • Once the replacement exists, the original category can be tagged for speedy deletion with {{db|1=category listified and ready for deletion based on CfD decision}}. Also leave the listify template on the category when tagging, because it explains why the category can be deleted, and has a link to the original WP:CFD discussion. Also add a note with a link to the replacement list.
  • The category can be deleted without debate, unless there is question about whether the category was legitimately tagged as listify. This does not mean that the results of the Cfd debate can be changed. What it does mean is that administrators should check carefully to see that categories were accurately tagged as a result of a Cfd discussion. No other categories tagged with the listify template should be speedily deleted.

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