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Only those created a Knight of the Bath prior to 1725 should be added to this category. All others should be assigned to the appropriate category:

There are three categories for Knights of the (Order of the) Bath,

  • Category:Knights of the Bath - These were special knighthoods conferred on important Royal occasions such as coronations, a practice which had died after the reign of Charles II. These knighthoods predate the modern Order of the Bath.
  • Category:Knights Companion of the Order of the Bath (KB) - Knights created in the period between the 'revival'/creation of the Order of the Bath in 1725 and its expansion from a one class order to a three class order in 1815. Those Knights Companion still living in 1815 automatically became Knights Grand Cross.
  • Category:Knights Commander of the Order of the Bath (KCB) - Since 1815 this has been the second level of the Order of the Bath (ranking below Knights Grand Cross and above Companions). Military officers have been appointed to this rank since 1815, civilians from 1847.

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