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Category:Rhine basin, as a sub-category of Category:Geography, is one of the categories within the Geography Project. Based on Category:Bodies of water, it only includes articles on waterbodies (e.g. the Danube). Categories that deal with individual waterbodies thematically (e.g. Category:Danube), are not grouped within this branch of the category system. More information on geographical categories can be found on the project site. For questions please use the project talk page.

Classification This category are intended for waterbodies (i.e. rivers, lakes, canals, marshes, etc.) that fall within the catchment area or drainage basin of the specified river.

N.B. It is not useful to break these down by country or continent. To search by those criteria, use the Category:Rivers by state and Category:Rivers by continent.


  • Tributaries (rivers and streams) are classified only by their immediate parent. The classification of rivers is based on their stream order. The main river heads the list, under "1" are its direct tributaries, under "2" are tributaries of "1" and so on. For example, [[Danube basin|1Riss]]. Branches of a delta, old river branches, etc., are classified as "0".
  • Other waterbodies are grouped as follows: "B" for wetlands (bogs and swamps), "C" for canals and other artificial waterways, "L" for lakes and ponds, "G" for glaciers, "R" for reservoirs, "S" for springs, and "W" for waterfalls, e.g. [[Danube basin|LFedersee]].
  • River basin categories are grouped, like rivers, by stream order. However, they are also sorted into all higher-order basin systems - by the corresponding stream order number. The resulting multiple categorization is preferable in this case, because of the additional informationКатегория:Притоки Рейна



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