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See also Category:Viking Age monarchs.

Swedish monarchs includes three queens regnant also to be found under Swedish queens and one duchess regent also found under Swedish princesses. The list of articles below is complete (as of July 15, 2009) with all legitimate monarchs included.

Regarding alphabetical (and chronological) name sorting, note:

  • Kings are always listed by official first name.
  • Coal or Cole is listed here as Kol.
  • Edmund is listed here as Emund.
  • Filip is listed in English as Philip.
  • Gustaf (legal spelling after 1901) and Gustavus are alphabetized here as Gustav.
  • Håkan and Haakon are alphabetized here in English as Hacon.
  • Halsten is listed here in English as Alstan.
  • Hans is listed in English as John.
  • Karl is listed here under C as Carl, with Charles also alphabetized as Carl.
  • Kristian is listed here under C as Christian.
  • Kristoffer is listed here under C as Christopher.
  • Waldemar is listed here as Valdemar.
    • More Swedish name forms appear below, which however do not effect the alphabet.


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