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Swedish princes includes crown princes of Sweden but does not include princes who became kings. The list of articles below is not complete (as of July 15, 2009) with all legitimate princes included. A number of those not listed died as minors.

Regarding alphabetical (and chronological) name sorting, note:

  • Princes are always listed by official first name.
  • Beorn is listed here as Styrbjörn.
  • Erik is alphabetized here as Eric.
  • Gustaf (legal spelling after 1901) and Gustavus are alphabetized here as Gustav.
  • Karl is listed here under C as Carl, with Charles also alphabetized as Carl.
  • Waldemar is listed here as Valdemar.
  • Wilhelm (legal spelling after 1901), or William, is listed here as Vilhelm.
    • More Swedish name forms appear below, which however do not effect the alphabet.