Catherine Hutton

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File:Catherine Hutton.jpg
Catherine Hutton in 1824

Catherine Hutton (11 February 1756 – 13 March 1846) was an English novelist and letter-writer.

Born in Birmingham, the daughter of historian William Hutton, Hutton became a friend of the scientist and discoverer of oxygen Joseph Priestley and the novelist Robert Bage. A keen letter-writer, she corresponded with, among others, Charles Dickens, Edward Bulwer-Lytton and her mathematician cousin Charles Hutton.[1] She built up a collection of over two thousand letters, some of which were published after her death.[2]

Hutton published a number of novels including The Miser Married: a Novel (1813) - itself partly written as a series of letters - The Welsh Mountaineer (1817) and Oakwood Hall (1819). She also wrote a history of the Queens of England and numerous pieces of journalism.[1]


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