Cellcom (United States)

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Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1987
Headquarters De Pere, Wisconsin, USA
Products 4G LTE, CDMA, EvDO, SMS (text messaging), MMS (picture messaging), iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android
Parent Nsight
Website Official website

Cellcom is a regional wireless service provider based in De Pere, Wisconsin, with roots that date back to 1910. Cellcom began providing service from its office in Green Bay in 1987, when its parent company, Nsight, entered the wireless industry.[1]

Cellcom offers a variety wireless communication devices, including feature handsets, smartphones, home phones, tablets, residential and mobile broadband. Outside of its own regional network, the company partners with other regional and national carriers to provide nationwide voice and data service. Cellcom uses CDMA and 4G LTE technology. Cellcom's retail area includes northeast and central Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.


Cellcom's parent company, Nsight, was founded on March 10, 1910, when a group of Pulaski business people met at the local drug store to discuss providing telephone service to their growing community. From that meeting, the Pulaski Merchants and Farmers Telephone Company formed.[2]

In 1968 the company's name changed to Northeast Telephone Company. Northeast Communications, Inc. was formed as a holding company in 1982, and Northeast Telephone Company became a subsidiary. In 1999, Northeast Communications of Wisconsin, Inc. began doing business as Nsight. Today, Nsight's subsidiaries include Cellcom, Nsight Telservices and Nsight Tower.[3]

Nsight has been a family-run business since 1923.[3]

Green cell sites

The first alternative energy cell site in the upper Midwest, built in Ackley, Wis. and activated on April 22, 2008, delivers wireless service to an area that previously had many dead zones.[4]

Equipment for the green cell site underwent rigorous testing prior to installation and features multiple backups to ensure continuity of service. The primary source of energy for this site is sunlight collected using a 6.3 kilowatt solar panel array. The energy gathered from the sun is converted into electricity and stored in batteries. The cell site draws energy for operation from these batteries. On dark or cloudy days, energy generated by a wind mill supplements the solar power to maintain operation. A hydrogen fuel cell serves as a backup for both of these energy producers. The final backup is a diesel generator that can be hooked up to maintain service if all other power sources fail.

In 2010, Cellcom converted the Ackley site to a grid-tie location and it now feeds the extra energy produced from the solar panels and wind turbine back to the power company and, in turn, became even more efficient.

A second green cell site was activated in 2009 on Chambers Island in Door County. The cliffs lining Door County's rugged shoreline were blocking the signals from mainland towers, leaving many area residents with limited cellular service, as well as leaving emergency personnel with limited radio coverage. The green cell site runs on batteries charged by solar panels at the base of the tower and a wind turbine installed on tower. A propane generator is available as a back-up source of power if there is inadequate wind or sun to charge the batteries.[5]


Cellcom was the first CDMA carrier in the U.S. to be a member of the non-profit organization founded in 2007 to promote worldwide femtocell deployment. Femto technology offers a low cost and highly effective solution to dead zones, particularly in small areas such as a home. In addition, a femtocell offers higher data rates, better voice quality and improved multi-media experiences.[6]

In 2009, Cellcom received the first Femtocell Industry Award for significant progress or commercial launch by a small carrier at the Femtocells World Summit in London.[7]


  • 700 5 MHz LTE
  • 850 5 MHz CDMA
  • AWS 5 MHz


Cellcom is a Verizon LTE in Rural America (LRA) partner. Through this partnership, customers of both carriers will benefit from the high-speed, fourth-generation long-term evolution (LTE) services. [9]

Other awards

Cellcom and its parent company Nsight were recognized in 2009 as the business recipient of the Brown County Ethics in Business Awards.[10]


Cellcom has a long history of regional nonentities celebrated in their advertising.

Mike Holmgren, former coach of the Green Bay Packers, was the company's first advertising spokesperson and was featured in advertising from 1996-1999. Ron Wolf, former general manager for the Green Bay Packers, was featured in advertising in 2000. Mike Sherman, former head coach and general manager, was featured from 2002-2005.

In 2009 and 2010, America's Got Talent runner-up and Door County-native Eli Mattson served as the company's spokesperson.

In 2011, Cellcom began featuring Mike McCarthy, current head coach of the Green Bay Packers, in their advertising.[11]


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