Centro San Ignacio

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Centro San Ignacio
Location Caracas,  Venezuela
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Address Blandín Avenue, La Castellana, Chacao Municipality, Caracas, Venezuela[1]
Opening date 1998 September[2]
Developer Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios
Management Edgar Villegas,[3] Fernando Acedo,[4] Omar Becerra,[5] Maye Albornoz[6]
Owner Inversiones Bushels, C.A., Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios.
Architect Carlos Gómez de Llarena[7] & Moisés Benacerraf[8]
No. of stores and services 238 shops
45 restaurants
17 remodeling stores
10 kiosks
7 cinemas
340 stores total[9]
No. of anchor tenants 7
(Samsung, Converse, Merrell, Apple, Swatch, Havanna, Cinex)
Total retail floor area 24.800 m² commercial area
23.596 m² office space[10]
120.000 m² total area [11]
No. of floors 5 levels
Parking 4 levels, 2000 parking stall[12] (28 for handicaps)
Website Centro San Ignacio

Centro San Ignacio is a Venezuelan shopping mall and office complex which opened in September 1998.[13] It won recognition for Latin American contemporary architecture with the Mies van der Rohe Award that year.[14][15] The mall is in La Castellana in the Chacao area of Caracas.[16] It was built on athletic fields next to San Ignacio Jesuit College[17][18] from early 1993 to late 1998,[19] and is managed by the Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios.[20][21]


Morning view
File:La Castellana.jpg
Centro San Ignacio, across from the Colegio San Ignacio

The Centro San Ignacio complex was designed by Carlos Gomez De Llarena[22] and Moisés Benacerraf.[23] It was recognized with a Mies van der Rohe Award for contemporary Latin American architecture[24][25][26] because of its influence on the city skyline,[27][28] and is among the most valuable real estate in Caracas and Venezuela.[29][30][31] Its exterior has an open design[32][33] to integrate it with its residential surroundings.[34] The interior has a central open square known as Avila, overlooking the Ávila national park,[35] which hosts a variety of events.[36][37] Surrounding Avila's kiosks are corridors, terraces and areas for exhibitions and activities. At either end of the center are office towers; between the towers are five commercial levels and four underground parking levels.[38]

Centro San Ignacio opens to the south for the road from the village of Chacao, allowing entry to the building from that area.[39] This entrance is flanked by the two office towers: Copernicus on the west and Kepler on the east.[40] A new road was necessary around the north side of the complex.[41] The interior includes pergolas,[42] bridges, terraces and vegetation—5,000 square metres (1.2 acres) of green space. Its exterior is red brick, with metal and granite.[43] Tinted glass dominates the structure, especially in the office towers.

Commercial and office areas

File:Centro San Ignacio.jpg
Wide-angle night view

Centro San Ignacio consists of five commercial levels: Blandín, Chaguaramos, Jardín, Terraza and Vivero.[44] Chaguaramos and Blandín have sporting-goods, music and recreational stores;[45][46][47] Jardín and Terraza feature clothing, electronics and general-consumer stores. Vivero has a variety of restaurants,[48][49] a cinema multiplex[50] with two 3D theatres, a VIP room and four meeting rooms.[51]

Towers office view

The Las Vegas, Hollywood and Broadway sections of the Jardín level combine commercial and local craft vendors. The commercial levels total about 24,800 square metres (267,000 sq ft), with over 300 stores.[52] The complex has a number of restaurants,[53] which may also be accessed from the outside.[54] It was designed with a green-energy infrastructure; thanks to its open design,[55] it requires no air conditioning system[56] normally necessary in a closed complex.[57] The business area has 23,596 square feet (2,192.1 m2) of offices[58] in the Copernicus and Kepler towers, occupied primarily by corporations with a staff of approximately 3,000 (including technicians and executives). The office towers and parking levels accommodate people with disabilities[59] with ramps, escalators and authorized support staff.

Visitors, services and security

Aerial view of complex, in eastern Caracas[60]

According to the complex's management 28 percent of its visitors come from the surrounding area, 16 percent from east town, 17 percent from the northeast, 13 percent from the southeast, 12 percent from the city center, six percent from the southwest and eight percent each from the west and satellite cities. The number of visits increases about 10 percent annually;[61] with an average of 10 million visits per year,[62] it is one of the most-visited areas of Caracas.[63] Since its 1998 opening, the mall has focused more on entertainment.[64][65][66]

Los Chaguaramos Avenue, near the taxi stand

Information about the mall (upcoming events and a store directory) is provided by its media office. Centro San Ignacio has four parking levels[67] with over 1800 spaces,[68] including 28 handicapped spaces. The mall has a shuttle service, which stops[69] at the entrance to the center; its vehicles are identifiable by the mall's logo on top.

The complex is earthquake- and fire-resistant.[70][71] Security is based on the concept of risk mitigation.[72] Safety is managed by a monitoring and control center, Cecom, which maintains communications with the staff.[73] The complex has a closed circuit television (CCTV) system,[74] a staff of 74 officers for the shopping area,[75] and parking,[76] panic buttons and metal detectors[77] and motions detectors[78] in the office towers and some shopping areas. The security staff works with national and municipal authorities.[79][80]


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