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Industry Market Research
Headquarters Blarerstr. 56, 78462 Constance, Germany
Products Multi-client Industry Studies; Single-client Research Projects; Consulting; Manufacturer Profiling
Website [3] www.ceresana.com/en

Ceresana is an international market research and consultancy company for the industrial sector.[1]

It was founded on January 1, 2002 by Oliver Kutsch, who also is the company's CEO. Ceresana is headquartered in Constance, Germany, operates branch offices in Vienna and Hong Kong. An interdisciplinary team conducts analyses of various markets related to industrial goods, the chemical sector, and agriculture. Up so far Ceresana has published more than 40 multi-client reports and is now one of the leading market research institutes of the world.[4][citation needed]

Market studies

Ceresana's studies cover industries such as the production and use of various types of plastics and other industrial goods, components utilized in the manufacturing of these products, end-applications, and analyses of the entire value-creation chain of individual products.[2] They specifically cater for needs encountered in sectors such as business management, engineering, production, strategic planning, research and development, marketing and market research, sales, and purchasing. [3] In addition to over 40 multi-client reports, the company also offers consulting services and custom-made single-client studies.


The consulting services offered utilize a broad range of analytical tools and methods to collect and assess data and to assist clients with expertise and information in regard to purchasing, procurement, sales, and marketing.


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