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CertiVox, Inc.
Founded London, United Kingdom
Founder Brian Spector, CEO
Headquarters London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Area served
Products IaaS
Website CertiVox.com

CertiVox is a London-based web 2.0 security firm that develops information security infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and encryption based software as a service (SaaS) solutions for enterprises and individuals.[1] The company provides on-demand encryption key management and multi-factor authentication both on and off the cloud, and specializes in elliptical curve cryptography.[1][2] Red Herring selected CertiVox as a finalist for the 2012 Europe Top 100.[3]


CEO Brian Spector founded CertiVox with other data security specialists in 2008 to help people protect their business and individual privacy.[4] The company opened its offices in Shoreditch in 2011.[2]

CertiVox partnered with low-power customer specific standard product (CSSP) provider QuickLogic in February 2012, in efforts to jointly develop data security solutions across platforms.[5] Also in February, CertiVox acquired Shamus Software, the creator of the MIRACL cryptographic library.[6]

In 2011, CertiVox received $1.46 million in Series A funding led by Pentech Ventures and Octopus Investments.[1][7]

In 2012, CertiVox launched a service called PrivateSky allowing users to encrypt messages and large files up to 5GB.[8][9][10] Its design offers Government, businesses, and individuals one-click security in Microsoft Outlook.[10] and HTML5 web browsers.[11] However PrivateSky was taken offline by the company following a RIPA warrant from GCHQ's National Technical Assistance Centre (NTAC) who wanted decryption keys for customer data.[4]

CertiVox launched its M-Pin Strong Authentication System in July, 2013.[12]


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