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Birth name Bilgin Özçalkan
Also known as Ceza, Fatalrhymer
Born (1977-12-31) December 31, 1977 (age 41)
Origin Üsküdar, Istanbul, Turkey
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, singer-songwriter
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1996–present
Associated acts Tech N9ne, Sansar Salvo, Yelawolf, Killa Hakan Sagopa Kajmer

Bilgin Özçalkan (born 31 December 1977; Üsküdar, İstanbul), also known by his stage name Ceza (pronounced je-ZAH, Turkish for 'punishment'), is a Turkish rapper and songwriter.


Özçalkan's interest to rap music blossomed around his primary school years, where he borrowed rap cassettes from his school mates. His love for rap really started to roll after watching the movies Break Dance 1 and 2. His professional career in rap started in 1998 however, after starting the group Nefret (hatred in Turkish) with the rapper Dr. Fuchs. Özçalkan is an animal lover, he keeps various animals at his own house, and often cares for stray animals. In an effort to help young artists, Özçalkan started a label called Evin Delisi (crazy person of the house). He does not only release his own albums with this label, but also signs young artists with it, and helps them release their own music. Özçalkan is also a fan of Assassin's Creed, being in the top 100 players of the world. Özçalkan is married to fellow female rapper Roka. Özçalkan was an electric technician before diving into rap, but he had to quit in order to fully commit to his musical career, as he found it too difficult to combine together.


Early Work

In 1995, Özçalkan started a group called U.C.S, and performed with this group until about 1998. His group Nefret got signed under Hammer Music in 2000, and the album Meclis Ala - Istanbul was released. In 2001, Özçalkan proceeded to release the album Anahtar. The title track on this album that holds the same name as the album itself was the first one that came with a music video. The album was a great success, and Özçalkan got to give many concerts with it.[1]

Özçalkan's big breakthrough came in 2004, however. He was invited to one of the biggest rock festivals in Turkey, namely RockIstanbul, and was asked to perform on stage here. He was able to showcase his rap music in an environment that held the largest Turkish popular music acts.[2]

Turkish singer Burcu Güneş was very interested in Ceza, and released the song Sahilden with a featuring of Özçalkan, and another Turkish singer, Candan Erçetin, gave him the chance to make a song with her. He featured on the song "Şehir" from the album Melek.

In 2005, Özçalkan played a role in two films of Turkish director Fatih Akın, namely İstanbul Hatırası: Köprüyü Geçmek and Kebab Connection, the latter being a film that Fatih Akın participated in by being a writer.


After these two projects, Özçalkan had a featuring with artist Mercan Dede, in his album Su (water).[3] In his 2006 album Yerli Plaka, he had a featuring of Turkish singer Sezen Aksu, and he also participated in her song Şinanay.

In late 2008, various songs of Yerli Plaka were used as OST for the Turkish drama series Adanlı. After this, Özçalkan participated in American rapper Tech N9ne's song, namely Worldwide Choppers, on his album All 6's and 7's. This was the first time that Özçalkan worked with a non-Turkish artist.

In an interview with the magazine Esquire, Özçalkan expressed that he writes his lyrics after finishing the beat for the track, and that he goes through this process in a short amount of time. Özçalkan also critiqued the fact that people often mistake hip-hop and rap to be the same thing. He compared hip-hop to a tree, with rap being one of its branches.

In 2007, Özçalkan had a featuring in Mercan Dede's 800 album, where he rapped together with singer Yıldız Tilbe. He then released the song Bomba Plak in 2009. With fellow rapper Killa Hakan, Özçalkan proceeded to release two albums, one of them being released in Turkey, and the other in Germany.

In Killa Hakan's solo album, being Volume Maximum, Özçalkan participated in a total of 10 songs. For two of these songs, being Alles Tamam and Allerbesten Rapper, were music videos released.

In 2010, Özçalkan released the album Onuncu Köy. He released a music video for the title track Bir Minik Mikrofon. In the same year, Özçalkan released a track for the Istanbul Boxing Team. He then proceeded to shoot a music video for one of the songs on his 2010 album, together with Killa Hakan. He also released a rap songs with the beat of Mozart's Turkish Marsh, a comeback after not releasing music for a while.

Özçalkan's last album, namely Suspus, was released on the 26th of May 2015, after a long hiatus. He filmed a music video for the title track Suspus, and he expressed interest in releasing more music videos for his other songs on the album as well. In an interview, Özçalkan said that he had wanted to release his new music for a very long time now, but partly because of the Gezi Park incidents, he had grown a bit cold towards music, and felt like people wouldn't understand the messages he tried to convey anyway.


Year Title Label
2000 Meclis-i Ala Istanbul
(big parliament Istanbul)
Hammer Muzik
2001 Anahtar
Hammer Muzik
2002 Med-Cezir
(Ebb And Flow)
Hammer Muzik
2004 Rapstar
Hammer Muzik
2005 Feyz Al
(Be enlightened)
Hammer Muzik
2006 Yerli Plaka
(Domestic Plate Number)
Hammer Muzik
2007 Evin Delisi
(Mad Person of the house)
Underground EP
2008 Bomba Plak with Killa Hakan
(Bomb Record)
Dolunay Muzik ve Orjinal Muzik
2010 Onuncu Köy
(Tenth Village)
Esen Muzik
2010 Artık Suç Değil Sevgi İşleyin - Yüksek Gerilim
Esen Muzik
2012 Turkish March (single)
Esen Entertainment
2015 Suspus
Esen Muzik
International (featured in)
Year Single Peak position Certification
2011 "Worldwide Choppers"
(Tech N9ne featuring Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf, Twista,
U$O, Ceza, D-Loc, JL of B.Hood & Twisted Insane)


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