Chainsaw (Skinny Puppy song)

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Single by Skinny Puppy
Released 1987
Format CD, 12", Audio cassette
Recorded 1986
Genre Industrial music
Length 27 min 27 s
Label Nettwerk/Capitol/EMI
Producer(s) Dave Ogilvie and cEvin Key
Skinny Puppy singles chronology
"Dig It"
"Stairs & Flowers"

Chainsaw is a single by the band Skinny Puppy. It contains new material, as well as additional material taken from their albums Bites and Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse.[1]

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Chainsaw"   5:55
2. "Assimilate (Remix) (R:23)"   6:32
3. "Cage" (Not included on the American release) 2:20
4. "Stairs And Flowers (Def Wish Mix)"   6:05
5. "Stairs And Flowers (Too Far Gone)"   6:35




  • Engineered by cEvin Key and Dave Ogilvie.
  • Tracks 1-3 mixed by Key, Ogilvie, and Ogre, assisted by Ric Arboit.
  • Additional production, instrumentation and engineering on tracks 4-5 by Justin Strauss and Murry Elias, with edits by Chep Nunez. Remixed by Justin Strauss and Murry Elias.
  • Sleeve photography, typography and design by Steven R. Gilmore.[2]
  • The front cover art features The Vision of Death and the back cover features Babylon Fallen, both by Gustave Doré.[2][3]
  • Two different versions were released on vinyl; one featuring the original labels (light orange) and one with new labels (pink and green).[4]


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