Chancellor of the University of Paris

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The Chancellor of the University of Paris was originally the chancellor of the chapter of Notre Dame de Paris. The medieval University of Paris ceased to exist in 1793 (though it was revived as the University of France between 1806 and 1970), but a related position, Chancellor of the Universities of Paris, is currently held by Maurice Quénet.

List of chancellors

12th century

  • Robert (c. 1116–1117)
  • Algrin (Latin: Algrinus; c. 1120–1146 or 1124–1152)
  • Odon de Soissons (1164–1168)
  • Petrus Comestor (1168–1178)
  • Hilduin (1180–1193)
  • Peter of Poitiers (1193–1205)

13th century

14th century

Later chancellors

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