Changes (Yes song)

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Song by Yes from the album 90125
Released 14 November 1983
Recorded 1983
Length 6:20
Label Atco Records
Writer Trevor Rabin, Jon Anderson, Alan White
Producer Trevor Horn
90125 track listing
"It Can Happen"

"Changes" is a song by English band Yes, from their 1983 album, 90125. It reached number 6 on the U.S. Mainstream Rock chart in 1984.[1]


The basic musical and lyrical structure of "Changes" was written by Yes guitarist Trevor Rabin, prior to his joining the band.[2] Once Rabin joined the band, additional music and lyrics were contributed by singer Jon Anderson and drummer Alan White for the version that would appear on 90125. White contributed the shifting minimalistic rhythmic figures and melodies used for the introduction, while Anderson adapted lyrics and parts of the melody (including the addition of the "one word from you, one word from me" section of the bridge).[3]

Alternate versions

Several live version of "Changes" have been released by the band: the 9012Live concert video, its companion album 9012Live: The Solos, and the 1991 box set Yesyears each include a live version of the song.

Live 90125 album promotion can be find here 5.

In 2003, Trevor Rabin released a pair of albums, each of which featured a different version of "Changes": Live in LA features a 1989 live performance of the song, and 90124 features an early demo of the song before Anderson and White's contributions were added.[2]

Covers and Tributes

• American band Din Within covered "Changes" on a 2012 Yes Tribute album entitled "Tales from the Edge," which was released by Italian record label Mellow Records in May of that year. It features some alterations to the original song structure while maintaining its primary thematic elements. Their version also includes an easily recognizable "orchestra hit" sample from the break in the intro to Owner of a Lonely Heart (also from 90125).

• Rhode Island-based solo artist Andrew Lima covered "Changes" on his 2014 album "Rediscoveries: Side B".[4]


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