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Channel V Australia
200 px
Launched 22 April 1995[1]
Owned by Foxtel Networks
Picture format 576i (SDTV 16:9)
Audience share 0.2% (27 June 2009, [2])
Country Australia
Language English
Broadcast area Australia
Formerly called Red (prior to 18 April 1997[3])
Sister channel(s) Country Music Channel
[V] Hits
Foxtel Channel 801
Austar Channel 801
Foxtel Channel 801
Austar Channel 801
Optus TV Channel 801
Xbox 360 Channel 801

Channel V Australia, stylized as Channel [V], is an Australian subscription television music channel that is available on Foxtel, Optus TV and Austar satellite and cable services. It was also previously available in New Zealand on TelstraSaturn's cable TV service in Wellington, Kapiti and Christchurch, until a channel shake-up occurred under new owners TelstraClear in 2002.

Channel [V] is targeted at the youth market, and plays both mainstream and alternative music from local and international artists. Although it uses the name Channel [V] in Australia, it is not associated with the international affiliates and uses the name under the license of News Corporation via STAR TV.

Previously called Red, Channel [V] commenced broadcasting in 1995 on the now defunct Galaxy service. The name change to Channel [V] came about after owners XYZ Entertainment (now xyznetworks) and Channel [V] International came to agreement over naming rights in March 1997.[4] In 2004, the launch of Foxtel Digital and other digital cable and satellite services, saw a second [V] branded channel begin broadcasting called V Hits (formally known as Club[V]), which is a 24-hour music channel that focuses more on music without TV shows.


Billy Russell, Jane Gazzo and Danny Clayton in 2012

Current [V]Js

Former [V]Js

Dave Lawson is one of the hosts of 'The Dave and Kerley Show' but is not considered a [V]J

Channel [V] Presenter Search 2012

Over six thousand people applied for a chance to become a Channel [V]. These applicants were shortlisted to a top 20, with 4 finalists announced on Saturday 16 June 2012.[4]


Current Original Shows

Previous Original productions

[V] Oz Artist of the Year

The Channel V Oz Artist of the Year is an annual award Presented by Channel V Australia some times at the ARIA Music Awards.

[V] Hits

As of 12 January 2007, Club [V] has been re-branded as Channel [V]² and began showing a more varied range of video clips. Channel [V] remains as a more entertainment orientated channel and began broadcasting in widescreen on the same day. Channel [V] boasts programming including: The Dudesons, BDO & various music specials.

On 15 November 2009, Channel [V]² was relaunched as [V] Hits.

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