Charles Carney (Jacobite)

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Sir Charles Carney was an Irish Jacobite. He served as an officer in the Irish Army of James II during the Williamite War in Ireland.

In 1689 the Catholic Carney was appointed Governor of newly captured Coleraine. Following the failed Siege of Derry, Jacobite forces began evacuating north-western Ulster as the reinforced Protestant forces advanced. When he received intelligence of the approach of General Percy Kirke and some Enniskillen troops, both of whom had acquired a ferocious reputation, Carney abandoned Coleraine and headed southwards to Jacobite-held Charlemont.[1] His position might have become increasingly dangerous had he remained as Marshal Schomberg's expeditionary force landed and captured Carrickfergus and other settlements along the County Antrim coastline.

During the Battle of the Boyne the following year, Carney commanded the Jacobite reserve.[2]


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