HMS Charles Galley (1676)

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The Charles Galley-Willem van de Velde the Younger-2.jpg
The Charles Galley in a painting by Willem van de Velde the Younger; late 17th century.
Royal Navy EnsignGreat Britain
Name: HMS Charles Galley
Builder: Woolwich Dockyard
Launched: 1676
Renamed: HMS Torrington in July 1727
Reclassified: Hulked in 1740
Fate: Sold on 12 July 1744
General characteristics as built
Class & type: 32-gun fifth rate
Tons burthen: 546 bm
Length: 131 ft (39.9 m) (overall)
Beam: 28 ft 6 in (8.7 m)
Propulsion: Sails
Sail plan: Full rigged ship
  • 28 x 9pdrs
  • 4 x 3pdrs
General characteristics after 1693 rebuild
Tons burthen: 548 bm
General characteristics after 1710 rebuild
Tons burthen: 537 bm
General characteristics after 1729 rebuild
Tons burthen: 594 bm

HMS Charles Galley was a 32–gun fifth rate of the Royal Navy built at Woolwich Dockyard and launched in 1676.[1][2] She was rebuilt in 1693, and again at Deptford Dockyard in 1710. She was renamed HMS Torrington after a third rebuild in 1729, and was hulked in 1740. She was finally sold on 12 July 1744.


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