Chateau Heartiste

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Chateau Heartiste
Chateau Heartiste logo.jpg
Founded 2007
Headquarters U.S.
Key people The Chateau Proprietors
Owner Roissy
Slogan(s) “Where pretty lies perish”
Type of site Blog
Registration Not Required
Available in English
Current status Active

Chateau Heartiste is a blog credited to one or more anonymous men known as Heartiste, previously known as Roissy In DC. Blog topics include Mens' Rights Activism, Pick Up Artist, and Alt-right themes. Active since about 2007, it is updated several times per week. As of December 2016, its US website popularity rank was 20,361.[1]


The blog's main theme is the seduction of women by men using several manosphere concepts. Women are said to be attracted to:

  • Men whom other women already find attractive. This is known as "social proof". Men can simulate this by cultivating friendships with attractive women.[2]
  • Dominant Alpha men, who have power or high status. Men can simulate this merely by appearing confident and socially competent.

Heartiste recommends that men practice "amused mastery". They should not be intimidated by beautiful women, but act as if they have an abundance of romantic options (displays of higher value). The interaction should be mature but playful, and appeal to the woman's curiosity. Most men have a poor understanding of these matters, and hence suffer from involuntary celibacy for extended periods.

The blog is critical of K-selected Western Beta males, who have evolved in high-trust societies, where female mate choice was restricted. "Beta behavior", such as men supplicating themselves to attractive women by performing chores or giving expensive gifts, is not attractive to women. Men should practice being aloof and even use "dread game", where the woman fears he might leave without warning. He should not appear overly impressed by her beauty, but humorously mock tiny flaws.

The blog asserts Western women prefer to spend their youth having romantic/sexual relations with a series of high-status Alpha men. In their thirties they are forced to marry lower-status Beta males, whom they often resent. Heartiste recommends against men getting married in the current social and legal climate, unless they fully understand these claimed principles. Otherwise they may become victims of what he calls divorce theft or divorce rape, where half or more of their assets and their children may be seized by their ex-wives.

It should be noted that the Heartiste blog uses a binary division of males into two categories - "alpha" males (attractive to women) vs. beta males (unattractive to women). This is a separate categorization than that of the multi-level Socio-Sexual Hierarchy developed by Vox Day.[3]


The blog's second theme is Alt-right politics, with an emphasis on racialism. The blog asserts that current migration patterns from the Third World to the Western world are harmful. Because of human biodiversity, the immigrants' IQs and self-discipline are lower, making it harder for them to integrate. Politically, beta males are said to be pro-immigration, causing their genes to be replaced by the newcomers'. Heartiste has referred to them as "cucks", and their political representatives as cuckservatives.

Chateau Heartiste is considered to be a leading Manosphere blog.[4] A frequent slogan is "diversity plus proximity equals war".[5]


Posts on Chateau Heartiste attract dozens to sometimes hundreds of comments each. Comments by opponents that are deemed "trolling" may be removed and the author banned.

The blog has been criticized for misogyny[6], being opposed to feminism[7] and modern Christianity[8], and racism.[9][10]


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