Chief Justice of Singapore

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The Chief Justice of Singapore is the highest post in the judicial system of Singapore. The Chief Justice is appointed by the President, chosen from candidates recommended by the Prime Minister. The incumbent Chief Justice is Sundaresh Menon.


Prior to 1963 the Chief Justice was appointed by the Governors of the respective British colonies.

Prior to 1867 the role of the Chief Justice was with the Recorders of the respective British colonies in the area (Penang, Malacca and Singapore).

List of Chief Justices

Chief Justices of the Straits Settlements


Chief Justices of the Colony of Singapore


Chief Justices of the State of Singapore


Chief Justices of the Republic of Singapore

# Chief Justice Start of Term End of Term
1 Wee Chong Jin 9 August 1965 28 September 1990
2 Yong Pung How 28 September 1990 10 April 2006
3 Chan Sek Keong 10 April 2006 5 November 2012
4 Sundaresh Menon 6 November 2012 Incumbent