Choro Q 64 2: Hachamecha Grand Prix Race

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Choro Q 64 2
Developer(s) Locomotive Staff
Publisher(s) Takara
Platforms Nintendo 64
Release date(s)
    Genre(s) Racing
    Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

    Choro Q 64 2:Hacha-Mecha Grand Prix Race (チョロQ64 2 ハチャメチャグランプリレース translates to "ChoroQ 64 2:Hacha-Mecha Grand Prix Race"?) is a racing game released in 1999 in Japan for the Nintendo 64. It is the sequel to Choro Q 64 (Penny Racers outside of Japan) and is part of the Choro Q series. The game is also compatible with the Game Boy Color game Choro Q Hyper Customable GB, using the GB Transfer Pak.[1]

    Game modes

    • Startgame

    Start the game and choose the Race Mode.

    • New Track

    You can create your own racetracks.

    Race mode

    • Single race

    You can try a race and if you place at 1st–3rd, you can get a part from other racers. If you placed at 4th–6th, you may be taken your part.

    • Grand Prix

    You can enter the Grand Prix. Can choose the cup from three cups: Toy Chest Cup, Treasure Chest Cup, and ChoroQ Cup.
    The Grand Prix has 3 races. If you place at 1st–3rd, you can get a part from three rare parts.

    • Time Trial

    You can try the time trial and create the one of own Ghost Racer.

    • Versus

    2–4 Players can try the mode. Also, can enter your own racetrack that you created at New Track mode.


    • はじめのサーキット (First Circuit Hajime no Sākitto) – Road Type: Road – A basic and easy circuit
    • はいこうのまち (Disused Town Haikō no Machi) – Road Type: Off-Road – A mines-based racecourse
    • リゾートのしま (Resort Island Rizōto no Shima) – Road Type: Road – A resort hotels and beach-based racecourse
    • ジャングルいせき (Ruins in jungle Janguru Iseki) – Road Type: Off-Road – A jungle and ruins-based racecourse
    • じょうかまち (Castleside City Jōka-machi) – Road Type: Road – A European castle and castleside city-based racecourse
    • しゅぎょうじょう (Training Area Shugyō-jō) – Road Type: Off-Road – A Chinese training area-based racecourse
    • ゆきのくに (Snow Country Yuki no Kuni) – Road Type: Snow – Snow country and cave-based racecourse
    • あやしげなむら (Weird Town Ayashige-na-Mura) – Road Type: Off-Road – Night, dark, and weird town-based racecourse
    • きんこうのサーキット (Cityside Circuit Kinkō no Sākitto) – Road Type: Road – A City and circuit-based racecourse


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