Chris van Abkoude

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Pietje Bell, drawn by Jan Rinke in Chris van Abkoude's 1914 novel Pietje Bell of de logevallen van een ondeugenden jongen

Chris van Abkoude (6 November 1880, Rotterdam – 2 January 1960, Portland, Oregon) was a Dutch writer and novelist of mostly children's books. He wrote the series of Pietje Bell novels from 1914 to 1936 and many books in between. He moved to the U.S.A in 1916 and wrote all the Pietje Bell books in the United States, except for the first one, which he wrote in 1914 in Rotterdam. Before his writing career, Van Abkoude was a teacher; when he noticed the children did not like reading the children's books of the time, he wrote his own.

In the U.S., he anglicized his name to Charles Winters.