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Christine Frances Evelyn Brooke-Rose (16 January 1923 – 21 March 2012[1]) was a British writer and literary critic, known principally for her later, experimental novels.[2]


Christine Brooke-Rose was born in Geneva, Switzerland to an English father and American-Swiss mother. She was brought up mainly in Brussels, and educated there, at Somerville College, Oxford and University College, London.[2] During World War II she worked at Bletchley Park as a WAAF in intelligence, later completing her university degree. She then worked for a time in London as a literary journalist and scholar. On separating from Pietrkiewicz in 1968 she took a position at the University of Paris, Vincennes, from 1968 to 1988 and retired in the south of France where she spent the rest of her life.[2]

Her novel Remake (1996) is an autobiographical novel:

It is an autobiographical novel with a difference, using life material to compose a third-person fiction, transformed in an experiment whose tensions are those of memory -- distorting and partial -- checked by a rigorous and sceptical language which probes and finds durable forms underlying the impulses and passions of the subject. It is not a simple process of chronological remembering. Remake captures not facts but the contents of those facts, the feelings of a war-time child, the textures of her clothing, tastes and smells, her mother, an absent father, a gradual transformation into adulthood.[2]

She was married three times: to Rodney Bax, whom she met at Bletchley Park; to the poet Jerzy Pietrkiewicz; and briefly to Claude Brooke. She shared the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for fiction for Such (1966).

She was also known as a translator from French, in particular of works by Robbe-Grillet.


  • Gold (1955) poem
  • The Languages of Love (1957) novel
  • The Sycamore Tree (1958) novel
  • A Grammar of Metaphor (1958) criticism
  • The Dear Deceit (1960) novel
  • The Middlemen: A Satire (1961) novel
  • Out (1964) novel
  • Such (1966) novel
  • Between (1968) novel
  • Go When You See the Green Man Walking (1970) short stories
  • A ZBC of Ezra Pound (1971) criticism
  • Thru (1975) novel
  • A Structural Analysis of Pound's Usura Canto: Jakobson's Method Extended and Applied to Free Verse (1976) criticism
  • A Rhetoric of the Unreal: Studies in Narrative and Structure, Especially of the Fantastic (1981) criticism
  • Amalgamemnon (1984) novel
  • Xorandor (1986) novel
  • Verbivore (1990) novel
  • Stories, Theories, and Things (1991) literary theory
  • Textermination (1991) novel
  • Remake (1996) autobiographical novel
  • Next (1998) novel
  • Subscript (1999) novel
  • Poems, Letters, Drawings (2000)
  • Invisible Author: Last Essays (2002)
  • Harlan Ellison: The Edge of Forever (2002) with Ellen Weil
  • Life, End of (2006) autobiographical novel
  • Brooke-Rose Omnibus (2006)

Further reading

  • Christine Brooke-Rose and Contemporary Fiction (1994) Sarah Birch
  • Utterly other discourse : the texts of Christine Brooke-Rose (1995) Ellen J. Friedman and Richard Martin


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