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Chuvash National Radio
Broadcast area Chuvash Republic Chuvashia
First air date April 25, 2009
Owner Culture dept., Chuvash Republic

Chuvash National Radio (Russian: Национальное радио Чувашии, Chuvash: Чăваш наци радиовĕ) is a Chuvash radio station based in Cheboksary, broadcasting in many Chuvash Republic cities, and via the Internet.[1]

Director&chief-editor – M.V.Gartfelder.

Shareholders structure


Chuvash national radio has begun a test announcement on April, 25th, 2009. For participants of the celebratory meeting devoted to Day of the Chuvash language which annually is spent on April, 25th in Cheboksary in I.Ya.Yakovlev's square before National library, direct inclusion of radio station has been organized.

Formation of the Chuvash national radio is conducted in three stages. I stage — April–May, 2009 (news and musical programs, programs for children). II stage — on September, 1st, 2009 (news and programs for children and youth, literary-drama programs). Since January, 1st, 2010 it is supposed to begin full volume of an announcement.

In the comment of Ministry of culture of Chuvash Republic concerning opening of new radio station it was said that the purpose of creation of radio «from zero» is development of system of information support of the population of Chuvash Republic, constitutional law maintenance on reception of socially significant information by each citizen of republic and also the decision of a question on the notification of inhabitants of Chuvash Republic in case of emergency situations of natural and technogenic character


Announcement concept

60% of an announcement are spent in the Chuvash language, 35% — in Russian and 5% — in languages of other people occupying the Chuvash Republic. Thus 30% of programs make information-analytical, 30% — educational and on 20% — literary-drama and musical. Information-analytical programs leave 5 hours per day.

Radio frequencies

On the basis of the transferring equipment of branch FGUP «Radio television transmitting center» two frequency resources are given Chuvash national radio: VHF of 71,41 MHz (the transmitter in the item of Ibresi) and FM 105,0 MHz (the transmitter in Tsivilsk). By means of these transmitters 80% of territory of the Chuvash Republic, except for Cheboksary and Novocheboksarsk are captured. According to the federal law an on-air broadcasting in cities with the population more than 100 thousand persons are authorized only on the basis of the license. It, in turn, give out after carrying out of federal competition. Therefore in 2009 in Cheboksary and Novocheboksarsk it is possible to listen to transfers of the Chuvash national radio only on «the third button» wire announcement.

Online announcement

Transfer of the audiodates is carried out through a network the Internet under report Microsoft Media Server to the address.


The subjects and format of programs are various. These are announcements of events, calendars of memorials, republic annals, the chronicle of incidents, sports news, repostings, interview, comments and many other things.

Musical programs make not less than three hours per day: «a musical mix» (a concert under demands), youth musical hour and musical blocks per programs for children and youth, in blocks of social programs. Popular music of various directions, both Chuvash, and Russian, and foreign executors is offered to listeners.

The special place is given to programs about public health services, social policy, education problems. Educational programs are divided on an age category: for kids, schoolboys and youth.

Literary-drama transfers go on the air on the days off. In these blocks news, the literary-drama, musical, children's and youth programs, the special program «Year of the farmer», the total information-analytical program, programs of a social orientation and the special project «the House and an economy» also are assumed.

On the Chuvash national radio also it is possible to listen to radio performances of the Chuvash state academic drama theater of K. V.Ivanov and the Chuvash state theater of the young spectator of M.Sespel.

Each area and city of Chuvashiya have the certain day of an announcement. Daily "inclusions" from rural area and a city of Chuvashiya are on air planned. In an air special cycles and headings about life of the Chuvash diaspora in the Russian regions and abroad also are presented.

Chuvash programs

  • «Çĕнĕ кĕнеке»/New book, editor: Olga Barinova;
  • «Çĕр Сум»;
  • «Çемье»/Family, editor: Roza Dementsova;
  • «Автан авăтсан»/Early morning, editor: Lira Leont'eva;
  • «Асамлăх çĕр-шывĕ»/Fantastic country, editor: Oxana Alexandrova;
  • «Асанне арчи»/Grandmother's trunk, editor: Oxana Alexandrova;
  • «Вăрçă ахрăмĕ», editor: Roza Dementsova;
  • «Ирхи концерт»/Morning concert;
  • «Калаçу урокĕ»/Colloquial lesson, editor: Olga Barinova;
  • «Каçхи микс»/Night's mix, editor: Oxana Alexandrova;
  • «Кучченеç»/Gift, editor: Roza Dementsova;
  • «Литература тĕнчи»/Literary world, editors: Leonid Antonov, Marina Vyazanova;
  • «Мумук халапĕсем»/Moomok's tales, editor: Valery Iovlev;
  • «Пархатар»/Gratitude, editor: Arseny Tarasov;
  • «Пирĕн хăнасем»/Our guests, editor: Roza Dementsova;
  • «Радио библиотека»/Radiolibrary;
  • «Республика сасси»/Voice of Republic;
  • «Тăван ен историйĕ»/Homeland's history, editor: Olga Barinova;
  • «Тĕнчекурăм»/Television, editor; Roza Dementsova;
  • «Хыпарсем»/News;
  • «Чăваш халăх йăли-йĕрки»/Chuvash people's tradition, editor: Olga Barinova;
  • «Чĕрĕлĕх çути»/Heart's light, editor: Roza Dementsova;
  • «Чĕререн тухакан сăмахсем»/Cordial words, editor: Alena Terent'eva;
  • «Эткер»/Inheritor, editor: Roza Dementsova;
  • «Ялтан яла»/from village to village, editor: Vladimir Egorov;
  • «Ялти бизнес»/rural business.

Russian programs

  • «Беседы о Древней истории», editor: Julia Stepanova;
  • «Бухты-барахты», editor: Marina Tolstova;
  • «Голос Республики», editor: Voldemar Egorov;
  • «Детские поздравлялки», editor: Marina Tolstova;
  • «Жизнь как жизнь», editor: Jory Fedorov;
  • «Концерт по заявкам», editor: Jory Fedorov;
  • «Лето — детям», editor: Marina Tolstova;
  • «Мальчик из Шоршел», editor: Marina Tolstova;
  • «Мой дом, моя земля», editor: Julia Stepanova;
  • «На перекрестках истории», editor: Alexander Shuldeshov;
  • «Наши соотечественники»/Our owners, editor: Julia Stepanova;
  • «Не формат»/Non-format, editor: Jory Fedorov;
  • «Новости. Итоги дня»;
  • «Новости»/News;
  • «Общественная приёмная», editor: Jory Fedorov;
  • «Открытый разговор»;
  • «Прогулки по музеям», editor: Julia Stepanova;
  • «Радио микс»/Radiomix;
  • «Символ веры», editor: Julia Stepanova;
  • «Согласие», editor: Julia Stepanova;
  • «Старая пластинка», editor: Jory Fedorov;
  • «Территория правды»;
  • «Техноскоп», editor: Jory Fedorov;
  • «Школьная страна» editor: Alexander Shuldeshov;
  • «Экстренный час», editor:Alexander Valeev.

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