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Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.
Public, subsidiary
Traded as NYSECCO
Industry Mass media
Predecessor Foster & Kleiser
Patrick Media Outdoor
Eller Media Company
Founded 1901 (as Foster & Kleiser)
Founder Lowry Mays
Karl Eller
Headquarters San Antonio, Texas, United States
Key people
William Eccleshare (Chairman and CEO, Clear Channel International)
Scott Wells (CEO, Clear Channel Outdoor Americas)
Products Outdoor advertising
Revenue Increase US$ 2.95 billion (2013)[1]
Increase US$ 343 million (2013)[2]
Decrease US$ -48 million (2013)[2]
Total assets Increase US$ 6 million (2013)[2]
Total equity Increase US$ 103 million (2013)[2]
Number of employees
7,600 (Dec 2013)[3]
Parent iHeartMedia, Inc.
Clear Channel offices in Golden Square, London.

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (NYSECCO), is a public subsidiary of iHeartMedia, Inc. (formerly CC Media Holdings, Inc.), and is one of the world's largest outdoor advertising corporations. The company is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

The company offers advertising on traditional and nontraditional advertising media. This includes billboard advertising, posters, street furniture, mall/retail advertising, airport advertising, mobile/transit advertising and spectacular advertising locations such as Times Square in New York City.


They are also the oldest outdoor advertising company in the United States as their roots trace back to the three companies that merged into the current incarnation: Foster & Kleiser (1901-1986), Patrick Media Outdoor (1986-1995) and Eller Media Company (1959-1997). F&K changed their name to Patrick after Metromedia sold the company to General Electric, which in turn was acquired by Eller in 1995. It would change its name to Clear Channel Outdoor in 2001 after the company acquired it.

Along the way the company acquired the following:

  • Universal Outdoor (Naegele, Derse)
  • Paxton Outdoor
  • Ackerley Media
  • Badger Outdoor
  • ABC Outdoor
  • Hansen Outdoor

In November 2002, Clear Channel Outdoor announced that it would move its Los Angeles headquarters to a site in the Harbor Gateway neighborhood, in the Harbor Gateway Center being developed by Boeing Realty Corp.[4]

In June 2003, Clear Channel Outdoor selected Arbitron Inc. (NYSE: ARB) to supply it with local market consumer information and software services in all U. S. markets served by Clear Channel Outdoor.[5]

In November 2005, Clear Channel Outdoor announced the initial public offering of 35,000,000 shares of Class A common stock of Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings at a price of $18.00 per share, for a total offering of $630,000,000.[6]

In May 2006, Clear Channel Outdoor Launched UK's 1st Outdoor Digital Billboard Network. The 10 billboards measuring 5.3 metres long by 2.5 metres wide (approximately 48-sheet sized) deployed a new, energy-efficient technology.[7]

The parent company changed its name to iHeartMedia, Inc. in September 2014; the outdoor advertising unit retained the Clear Channel name to protect that trademark.


  • Clear Channel Outdoor
    • Outdoor billboards
    • Posters/Print
    • Bus/Transit busboards
An "Adshel" bus shelter poster
  • Clear Channel Adshel: ads for bus shelters.
  • Clear Channel Airports: ads/posters located at major airports.
  • Clear Channel Spectacolor: specializing in "living" billboards. Locations include New York City Subway entrances and Toronto's Yonge Street.


In June 2003, the Ad Council presented the 2003 Out of Home Silver Bell Award to Clear Channel Outdoor - Los Angeles. The award was bestowed upon those who exemplify extraordinary generosity and leadership in disseminating Ad Council public service messages.[8]

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