Clifford Chapin

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Clifford Chapin
Born Clifford S. Chapin IV
1987/1988 (age 30–31)[1]
Alma mater Hofstra University[2]
Occupation Voice actor, production assistant, writer, director
Employer Funimation
Home town Griswold, Connecticut, U.S.[2]

Clifford S. Chapin IV[1] is an American voice actor affiliated with FUNimation, best known for his roles in anime and video games, such as Red Data Girl and Attack on Titan. He also worked as a production assistant for Toddlers and Tiaras, NBC Nightly News, Disaster Guy, and The Rolling Girls. In 2014, he landed the lead voice role of Raishin Akabane in Unbreakable Machine-Doll.[3] In 2015, he voiced the lead character Harutora Tsuchimikado in Tokyo Ravens.[4]



List of voice performances in anime
Year Title Role Crew Role, Notes Source[5]
A Certain Magical Index II Shiage Hamazura Ep. 24 [6]
A Certain Scientific Railgun S Kenji Madarame [7]
Assassination Classroom Tomohito Sugino [8]
Attack on Titan Conny Springer [9]
Ben-To Heracles Eps. 11-12 [10]
Black Butler: Book of Circus Charles Grey [11]
Black Butler: Book of Murder Charles Grey [12]
D-Frag! Naganuma [13]
Dimension W Lwai-Aura-Tibesti [14][15]
Divine Gate Ariton ADR Director [16]
Fairy Tail Zero Yuri Dreyar [17]
Free! - Eternal Summer Takuya Uozumi [18]
Gangsta Mikhail [19]
Good Luck Girl! Keita Tsuwabuki [20]
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Ranta Ep. 10 [21]
Heavy Object Charles Ep. 17 [22]
The Heroic Legend of Arslan Xandes [23]
Jormungand: Perfect Order Howe [24]
Laughing Under the Clouds Mutsuki Ashiya [25]
Lord Marksman and Vanadis Zion Thenardier [26]
Mikagura School Suite Usamaru [27]
My Hero Academia Katsuki Bakugō [28]
Noragami Aragoto Kōto Fujisaki [29]
One Piece Haruta [30]
Ping Pong: The Animation Shuji Nekota [31]
Prince of Stride: Alternative Hozumi Kohinata [32]
Prison School Shingo Wakamoto [33]
Psycho-Pass 2 Kirito Kamui [34]
Red Data Girl Ichijō Takayanagi [35]
Robotics;Notes Kaito Yashio [36]
The Rolling Girls Tomoki Suzuka Assistant ADR Director [37]
Selector Infected WIXOSS series Ayumu Kominato [38]
Seraph of the End Yūji Eps. 2-3 [39]
Snow White with the Red Hair Mihaya [40]
Tokyo ESP Masaki Shindō [41]
Tokyo Ghoul series Hideyoshi Nagachika [42]
Tokyo Ravens Harutora Tsuchimikado [4]
Ultimate Otaku Teacher Joe Odawara ADR Script Writer [43]
Unbreakable Machine-Doll Raishin Akabane [3]
World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman Moroha Haimura [44]
Yona of the Dawn Yun Assistant ADR Director [45]
Brothers Conflict ADR Director [46]
Daimidaler the Sound Robot ADR Director [47]
Kamisama Kiss 2 ADR Script Writer [48]
Riddle Story of Devil ADR Script Writer [49]

Video games

List of voice performances in video games
Year Title Role Notes Source[5]
2016 Battleborn Toby [50]
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Lost Legion Jetfighter, Dying Scientist #3, Worm-Brained Boil [51]
Yousei David Sawicki [52]


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