Climate change in popular culture

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The issue of climate change and global warming, their possible effects, and related human-environment interaction have entered popular culture since the late 20th century.

Science historian Naomi Oreskes has noted, "There's a huge disconnect between what professional scientists have studied and learned in the last 30 years, and what is out there in the popular culture."[1] An academic study contrasts the relatively rapid acceptance of ozone depletion as reflected in popular culture with the much slower acceptance of the scientific consensus on global warming.[2]




This refers to the classification non-fiction, without regard to whether the books are accurate or intended to be accurate.



  • The Contingency Plan (2009) by Steve Waters is a diptych of plays first performed at the Bush Theatre in London. They are set in the near future, at a time during which severe tidal surges begin to submerge parts of coastal Britain.


Comic books

Video games

  • Civilization II is a strategy game released in 1996, in which the pollution created by industrial production and transportation, if left unchecked, leads to desertification.
  • Fuel (2009 video game) is a racing video game set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by extreme weather fueled by global warming.
  • In 2008, the TamaTown website featured a game that taught children how to prevent global warming.

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