Clovis IV

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File:Clovis IV.jpg
Clovis IV from Guillaume Rouillé's Promptuarii Iconum Insigniorum
Clovis III and Pepin of Herstal (right side)

Clovis IV (sometimes Clovis III if the other Clovis III is considered a usurper) (682–95), son of Theuderic III, was the sole king of the Franks from 691 until his death. Although Clovis IV is called "King of the Franks", he was really a puppet—a roi fainéant—of his uncle Pepin II, mayor of the palace of Austrasia. He assumed the throne at the age of nine and died when he was only thirteen.[1]


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Clovis IV
Born: 682 Died: 695
Preceded by
Theuderic III
King of the Franks
Succeeded by
Childebert III