Collin (District Electoral Area)

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Collin is one of the ten district electoral areas (DEA) in Belfast, Northern Ireland.[1] The district elects six members to Belfast City Council and contains the wards of Dunmurry; Ladybrook; Lagmore; Poleglass; Twinbrook and Stewartstown.[2] Collin, along with neighbouring Black Mountain and most of the Court District Electoral Area, forms the greater part of the Belfast West constituencies for the Northern Ireland Assembly and UK Parliament.

The DEA was created for the 2014 local elections, combining parts of the Upper Falls District Electoral Area, which had existed since 1985, with parts of the abolished Lisburn City Council.

2014 results

Belfast City Council elections, 2014[3]
Party Candidate 1st Pref
Sinn Féin David Bell 1,661
Sinn Féin Stephen Magennis 1,618
Sinn Féin Charlene O'Hara 1,476
Sinn Féin Matt Garrett 1,452
Sinn Féin Bill Groves 1,308
SDLP Brian Heading 1,067
Éirígí Máire Drumm 730
SDLP Laura Whinnery 511
UUP Gareth Martin 476
NI21 Wendy Burke 427
Alliance Gerard Catney 424
Turnout 11,158


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