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The Combined Online Information System (COINS) is a database containing HM Treasury's detailed analysis of departmental spending under thousands of category headings.[1] The database contains around 24 million lines of data.[1] The database has codes for more than 1,700 public bodies in the United Kingdom including central government departments, local authorities, NHS trusts and public corporations.[2] COINS is used by the Office for National Statistics for statistical purposes.[3]

The Treasury describes the database as "a web based multi-dimensional database used by HM Treasury to collect financial information".[4] Data from the COINS database is used to prepare the National Accounts.[5]

Structure and technical details

The Combined Online Information System or COINS database is one of the biggest datasets in government.[6] COINS uses a database called Camelot.[6] The system is supplied by Descisys.[6]


COINS replaced three separate systems previously used by the British Government, Public Expenditure System (PES), Government Online Data System (GOLD) and General Expenditure Monitoring System (GEMS).[7]


The Treasury turned down requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for data contained in COINS prior to the 2010 General Election.[1] However, after promises during the election campaign to publish the database if elected,[8] the coalition government has made available all 120GB of COINS data in a raw format as of 4 June 2010.[9][10] The hope in doing so is that this will spur third party organisations to find innovative ways to present this information to the public.


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