Committee on Space Research

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Committee on Space Research
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Abbreviation COSPAR
Formation 1958
Region served
Official language
English, French
Dr. J.-L. Fellous
Parent organization
International Council for Science
Website COSPAR Official website

The Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) was established by the International Council for Science in 1958.

Among COSPAR's objectives are the promotion of scientific research in space on an international level, with emphasis on the free exchange of results, information, and opinions, and providing a forum, open to all scientists, for the discussion of problems that may affect space research. These objectives are achieved through the organization of symposia, publication, and other means. COSPAR has created a number of research programmes on different topics, a few in cooperation with other scientific Unions. The long term project COSPAR international reference atmosphere started in 1960; since then it produced several editions of the high atmosphere code CIRA, The code "IRI" of the URSI-COSPAR working group on the International Reference Ionosphere was first edited in 1978 and is yearly updated.

General Assembly

Every second year COSPAR calls for a General Assembly (also called Scientific Assembly). These are conferences currently gathering more than a thousand participating space researchers. The most recent assemblies are listed below. [1]

Year Place Country
41st 2016 Istanbul  Turkey
40th 2014 Moscow  Russia
39th 2012 Mysore  India
38th 2010 Bremen  Germany
37th 2008 Montreal  Canada
36th 2006 Beijing ChinaChina
35th 2004 Paris  France
34th 2002 Houston  United States
33rd 2000 Warsaw  Poland

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