Conrad I, Count of Luxembourg

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Seal of Conrad I of Luxembourg. The Latin inscription on the border of the seal reads: CONRARDVS COMES DE LVCELEMBVRCH

Conrad I (c. 1040 – 8 August 1086), Count of Luxembourg, was the first count of Luxembourg (1059–1086), succeeding his father Giselbert of Luxembourg.

He was embroiled in an argument with the archbishop of Trier as to the abbaye Saint-Maximin in Trier which he had avowed. The archbishop excommunicated him and Conrad had to make honourable amends and set out on pilgrimage for Jerusalem. He died in Italy on the return journey.

He founded many abbeys:

Marriage and issue

Around 1075 he married Clementia (1060 - 1142), suggested to have been daughter of Pierre-Guillaume VII, duke of Aquitaine and of Ermesinde. They had :

  • Henry III († 1086), Count of Luxembourg
  • Conrad, cité en 1080
  • Matilda (1070 † ), married Godefroy (1075 † ), comte de Bleisgau
  • Rudolph († 1099), abbot of Saint-Vannes at Verdun
  • Ermesinde (1075 † 1143), married
    1. in 1096 to Albert II († 1098), count of Egisheim and of Dagsbourg,
    2. in 1101 to Godefroy (1067 † 1139), count of Namur. They were parents of Henry IV of Luxembourg
  • William I (1081 † 1131), Count of Luxembourg
Conrad I, Count of Luxembourg
Born: 1040 Died: 8 August 1086
Preceded by
Count of Luxembourg
Succeeded by
Henry III