Conspiracies (TV series)

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Conspiracies logo
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 13
Running time 30 minutes
Original network BBC Choice
Original release 2 January 2001 – n/a
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Conspiracies is a documentary television programme produced by the BBC and broadcast on both BBC Choice (from 2 January 2001) and TechTV (from 1 October 2003). The series was hosted by Clive Anderson. Though a small number of episodes were produced, they focused on a variety of well known conspiracy theories.


  • The New World Order: Are there secret societies that constitute a shadow government that rules the world?
  • Aliens: Are extraterrestrials behind phenomena such as mysterious lights in the sky, abductions and crop circles?
  • The Spying Game: Myths and mysteries surrounding espionage organizations such as the CIA.
  • Government Cover-Ups? (Disasters): Have politicians covered up the truth in the tragedies of TWA 800, at Oklahoma and in Waco?
  • Satanic Panic: Are Satan's minions among us, creating havoc through everything from rock music to liberal education policies?
  • Death Of An Icon (Iconic Death): Assassination theories about the deaths of prominent people, including JFK and his brother Bobby, and Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed.
  • Hidden Places: Exploring secret spots all over the globe, from Area 51 in Nevada to subterranean supercomputers and rumors of a tropical paradise inside the Earth.
  • Big Brother: As the wired world becomes ever more intrusive, are we becoming vulnerable to the all-seeing eye of big brother?
  • American Presidents: Are presidential political scandals the result of media leaks, or carefully planned manipulation by the government?
  • Body Panic: Are some of us being used as unwilling guinea pigs in the development of biological weapons, such as HIV and Gulf War Syndrome?
  • Outer Space Hoax: Was the moon landing a hoax? Are there alien bases on the moon? Is it true that astronauts have seen UFOs? And what was really found on Mars?
  • Green Science: Is big business suppressing the development of free energy sources such as cold fusion? What about genetically modified foods?
  • Rock 'N' Roll Deaths: What are the true stories behind the sordid deaths of rock and roll stars? Is Elvis still alive? Is Paul McCartney really alive?

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