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A conspirophile is someone who loves, likes, or is friendly to conspiracies, a person who subscribes to conspiracy theories, a conspiracy theorist, or a truther. They may believe in one or several conspiracy theories, and are sometimes criticized or ostracized for these beliefs. Their world view is sometimes described as conspiracism.[1]


The word "conspirophile" was formed by adding "-phile" to a clipping of "conspire" with the interfix "-o-".

Conspirophile has been used on the internet since the early 90s:

  • 1993 September 25, Chris Burian, "crime with computers?", alt.conspiracy/alt.society.civil-liberty [1].
    Being a conspirophile, I do see a connection between recent BBS porn busts, encryption busts, and even "anarchy" text-file busts. I also see them connected with Waco, S-8, and suggestions that the National Guard be used for border patrol.[2]
  • 2014 January 24, Desiree Erasmus, "Brethren, let us conspire", Hillcrest Fever: Your 24/7 local connection, page 6.
    The NWO has been adopted by religious and secular conspirophiles alike and goes something like this: The world is secretly controlled by a small corporate-affiliated elite that belong to secret societies such as the Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grove and so on.[3]

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