Constance of Normandy

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Constance of Normandy
Constance of Normandy.jpg
Duchess Consort of Brittany
Tenure 1086–1090
Born c. 1057/1061
Died 13 August 1090
Burial Church of St. Melaine, St Melans, Redon
Spouse Alan IV, Duke of Brittany
Dynasty Norman
Father William I of England
Mother Matilda of Flanders
Religion Roman Catholicism

Constance of Normandy (between 1057 and 1061 Normandy - 13 August 1090)[1] was a daughter of William the Conqueror and Matilda of Flanders.[2] She was a Princess of England by birth and also Duchess of Brittany through her marriage to Alan IV, Duke of Brittany.


It was said she was the most highly gifted of all of the Conqueror's daughters. As she was the favourite of her mother, she was offered later in marriage, in 1086, to Alan IV of Brittany, and the two were married at Caen, Normandy.[1] Constance died childless, perhaps poisoned, on 13 August 1090, and was buried in the Church of St. Melaine, in Rennes.

In 1672, her tomb was discovered and opened. Inside were some fragments of a woollen material which at the time the body had been wrapped in and a leaden cross with her epitaph engraved with the name of her father, husband, and date of death.



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Preceded by
Bertha of Blois
Duchess consort of Brittany
Succeeded by
Ermengarde of Anjou