Constantius I of Constantinople

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His All Holiness
Constantius I
Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople
File:Konstantius I.jpg
Church Church of Constantinople
Diocese Constantinople
See Ecumenical Patriarchate
Installed 1830
Term ended 1834
Predecessor Agathangelus
Successor Constantius II
Personal details
Born 1770
Died January 5, 1859
Denomination Eastern Orthodox Church
Occupation Ecumenical Patriarch

Constantius I was Ecumenical Patriarch during the period 1830-1834.

He was born in 1770 in Constantinople. He studied in the Patriarchal School, in Iași and in Kiev. In 1805 he was elected Archbishop of Sinai, position he held until he was elected Ecumenical Patriarch in 1830. He resigned in 1834 and devoted his life to studying and writing. He died on 5 January 1859.